Habits can drive us crazy or save us!

Ann @ Holy Experience ask us to prayerfully consider: The Practice of Making a Habit

Today I am blogging at The One Thing, linking to this post at Holy Experience and posting it at Habits for a Happy Home.

You see my mind and heart have really been meditating on ‘good’ habits and habit training since we have just started a new year, I have one resolution to LIVE as in to Live is Christ, I have joined the Bible in 90 challenge, the Siesta Sister Scripture challenge   ,we are at the half way point in our home school year, I am recommiting to participate weekly in the Outdoor Hour Nature Close to Home challenges, to continue my weekly gratitude gift list and I want to be the wife and mother that God has destined me to be. In the past I have actually blogged quite a bit about Habits, so I wanted to share some bits and pieces from those past post in hopes that they might encourage you. I do need to let you in a secret; I am a work in progress and thank the Lord, He isn’t finished with me yet!!!

I truly believe that God created us to be creatures of habit because having a good habit just makes things so much easier for us. Once something is a habit, you don’t even have to think about it, you just do “it”. Isn’t that a gift because if we had to think about every single action we took, we would be beyond worn out. The only thing that hurts us as creatures of habit is when WE allow ourselves to form bad habits. Read More

If we have been successful in establishing a habit there will always be another one we have to establish, one that we need to work harder on or worse one we have to reestablish. This is true in training ourselves or in training our children.  Just when you think you might have a habit established and things are going well someone gets sick, there is an emergency, a difficult situation your going through, you go out-of-town and any number of other things that pop up and seem to put a sudden stop to the success you felt you were having. Life never stops and therefore habit training shouldn’t  either!! So no matter what happens in your life keep plugging away at Habit Training.

Habit training isn’t easy and it is easy to allow yourself to become discouraged if things aren’t going as well as you hoped they would. Well, just have a good talk with the Lord, let HIM build you up and then tell yourself to stop wallowing around in discouragement and keep on keeping on cause HE is always with us and HE will always sustain us!!

If you have been discouraged and you’ve been letting some “Habits” go, I encourage you get started all over again if that is what is needed. You will be doing yourself, your children and all those your closest to a big favor!!

Life never stops and therefore habit training shouldn’t  either, so don’t give up!!!! Read More

 “Every day, every hour, the parents are either passively or actively forming those habits in their children upon which, more than upon anything else, future character and conduct depend” (Vol. 1, p. 118). 

 I have felt strongly that I need to focus more on Habit Formation in our home. Before I can even hope to be successful at Habit Formation with my children, I need to take stock of my own Habits. At least that is what the Lord has been (lovingly) nudging me to do. He wants me to take a good long look at my own Habits. You see Habit Formation/Training in my home starts with me, the mom. It starts with who I really am; day-to-day, hour by hour and moment by moment.  Read More
Last week I wrote “What about our own Habits” and I was writing it because “MY” habits have been on my heart and mind often, thanks to the Holy Spirit. I do say Thanks because I NEEDED to seriously contemplate “MY” habits. In many areas I do Not have good ones, therefore I am not setting a good example for my boys. Without going into detail, I will just say that last week was not a good one, there were tears, arguments, nagging, whining, complaining, frustration, disobeying, laziness, lack of focus and if I thought more on it I could come up with a few more negatives of the week. Thank the Lord and I do mean THANK the LORD that in the midst of all the above there were still smiles, laughter, love and HIM……HE is always there!!! He showed up when I was feeling at my worst, as usual HE never fails me!! Friday was the worst day and by Friday night I sat down to blog and I ended up unable to finish the post due to the  tears that were flowing. I couldn’t finish the task at hand but the Lord had no problem continuing to work on my behalf. 
Earlier in the day right after a very difficult situation I decided to take a moment and a very deep breath, I checked e-mail and I am so glad I did. There was an e-mail from a new friend, I appreciated the entire e-mail but the last line just immediately sank into my heart and spirit, my whole perspective changed. This was the line“Be encouraged today!  Remember all the miracles He has done for us!  Sing to the Lord a new song today!” Thank you Lord that you used this wonderful woman with a heart full of you to reach out and love on me!! So, I praised God for all HIS miracles and went on with the day. Read More
One of the best things we can do for ourselves and for our children is to gain the Habit of Attention. When we can truly fix our attention on a matter at hand, we are already over half way to our destination of success. I urge you to read the information below and the information I have linked to. I am now focusing on the Habit of Attention with my childen and I look with hope towards the day that I will be able to share our victories testimony!! A couple of things I am doing now to help my children gain this Habit is 1. Practice only saying something once 2. Stop “talking” so much (no nagging) 3. Become more organized (ex. Work Box System)  4. Close the door to distractions (ex. Close bedroom door (where the toys are) during school hours) Read More

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  1. I am definitely a creature of habit too. It really makes life easier because it eliminates certain decisions from having to be thought about over and over. It looks like you have several good habits set up. Good for you! May God bless your discipline. He is faithful.

    1. Angie says:

      Lisa, thanks! You are so right HE is so very FAITHFUL and even when we are not!! Bless you!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Love your post about Habits. CM was a huge advocate…and we are warned of Habits that can take us away from Him. I can’t wait to dig in more to your beautiful blog!

    1. Angie says:

      Rebecca, You are so rigth, so many habits that can take us away from HIM! Another reason I like CM, is she points to HIM!! Thanks for saying my blog is beautiful!! =)

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