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Outdoor Hour Nature Close to Home: SNOW

We have had a snow & Ice filled week and that is NOT normal where we live. So this was the perfect time to do the Winter Wednesday  week 2 SNOW nature challenge!! Shadows on Snow/ice Tracks in Snow/ ice Experiments and Art with Snow/ ice: How much water do you have after a whole … Continue reading

Birds in the winter

I had forgotten the joy of watching the birds come to our feeder. This week being able to see birds with the snow as a backdrop was just beautiful.  Birds are one of my favorite creations of our amazing creator! When you look at these wee things, living and surviving especially in the winter weather, how can … Continue reading

NEW Hearts and Trees Fall 2010 Kit

Hearts and Trees: FALL 2010 Kit Fall 2010 Kit!! Quote below is from the Hearts and Trees Blog In all this kit includes: 1 sewing project, 1 handicraft project,1 art project, 1 art print, 1 artist notebooking page,1 art element notebooking page and 1 nature study project. Complete Contents List: Fall bunting sewing project (muslin … Continue reading

Making Changes

We are about six weeks into our new school year and I am making some changes!! Read More at Live, Love, Learn .

Making Changes!!

We are about six weeks into our new school year and I am making some changes!! My home school is very Charlotte Mason inspired but I am not what some would call a Charlotte Mason Purist. That means that I do not try to cross every “t” or dot every “i” as far as this … Continue reading

Writers Block and Life Update

I have wanted to blog for over a week now but I am just feeling totally uninspired to go through the process of putting words on paper so to speak. I will just catch you up on a few things that are happening with us. We are on our summer break from school, we are … Continue reading

God’s Amazing Creation

Great Resources: All About Birds Free Bird Coloring Book Handbook of Nature Study Blog (Weekly Challenges plus so much more) Handbook of Nature Study Book Outdoor Hour: Nature Close To Home Blog Carnival The Right Bird What Bird is That? South East Birds Stokes Beginners Guide to Birds: Eastern Region Assorted Pocket Naturalist Guides North … Continue reading

Creation Study all about Chickens

In honor of our new chicks we did an official “Chicken” Creation Study!! Can you believe this is the 3rd summer we have had chicks/chickens and this is the first time we’ve done an official study on them =) We had 8 chicks (1st one hatched Sunday) but tragedy struck tonight and one died =( , … Continue reading

A Day full of discoveries (Inspired by OHC)

We started our day with a great Creation walk. We walked past our little garden to see how it is coming along. We were going to focus on Dandelions (based of the Outdoor Hour: Nature Close to Home Spring challenge but we got so caught up discovering  wildflowers, trees, wild ferns, all kinds of critters that … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up

Here is my Weekly Wrap-Up but don’t forget to go HERE and check out more Weekly Wrap-Ups from other Home School moms! (digging to see what can be found) Sunday evening we came home from a weekend field trip on J.Island and it was wonderful! Big beautiful oaks, spanish moss, shade, sand, rocks, huge old trees … Continue reading

Nature Study NOT close to home

When leading a group of sightless students on a field trip, we paused underneath a large sycamore tree. One of the boys asked: ” What is this tree with the big leaves?” “How do you know it has big leaves” I asked. “Because of the sound the leaves make as the wind blows through them,” … Continue reading

Outdoor Hour Nature Close to Home-Pine Tree

Below is our Pine Tree study inspired by the Outdoor Hour Nature lose to Home Winter- Pine Tree Challenge . We have completed a Nature challenge before on Pine trees  once while we were camping and had a great time doing it. Here is the LINK to the post where I shared the results of that challenge but we … Continue reading