A Time to Forget and A Time to Remember


I have a tendency to forgot that which I should remember, and remember that which I should forget! Anyone else have that problem?

I need to remember who GOD is, what HE has done, and what HE said HE will do! I need to forget that which HE has forgiven and cleansed me.

My flesh truly needs to forget that which is not a part of me any longer. I need to forget those moments by GOD’s grace, mercy, love and blood HE willingly wiped away!! It may have been said before that we need to remember our sin, failure, mess-ups so that we do not forget what HE has done for us. I say that by the gift of the Holy Spirit when I daily abide in and with the LORD, HE will NOT let me (my spirit, my true-self)  forget who HE is or what HE has done. HE will also lovingly remind me what HE is still going to do! GOD is so good! HE will not let us forget that which is vital, but we must be abiding, and we must be listening. I through the power of the Holy Spirit must shut down the voice of the enemy. The one who wants me to continually wallow around in the past that JESUS graciously gave HIS life to wipe away! The enemy wants this past to cripple me, keep me from moving forward, and keep me from growing-up in the LORD. GOD has a better plan for me, and it is a beauty!! One day I will be able to look back and remember my past but I will have forgotten the feel of shame, guilt, anxiety, and failure. GOD will have made me able to look on these past moments HE forgave, cleansed me of, and wiped away through the lens of HIS grace, beauty, truth, and love! HE will have given me a new  perspective of Praise and Gratitude for those very moments because of who HE is, and what HE has done. So, there is a time to forget and there is a time to remember, but do it all in GOD’s perfect time!

Oh, Lord, please remind me daily of YOU, your ways and your plan!!


*Originally written June 2014, updated and edited 2/27/17*

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