Parenting/Family Resources

  • Dr. Kevin Leman site ( an internationally renowned psychologist and bestselling author of more than 30 books, provides easy techniques, helpful tips and clear insight that will change the way you look at and resolve the parenting, marriage and relationship issues in your life.)
  • Lisa Whelchel “I certainly don’t come offering parenting advice from a point of perfection; if I qualify at all to speak to you regarding your children then it is from a place of imperfection. I am a mom in the trenches just like you, (unless, of course, you are a dad reading this.) I have tried and failed and I have tried and triumphed – but most of all, I’m just tired!”
  • A Holy Experience (Spiritual Blog from a Home School Mom)
  • Focus on the Family
  • Habits for a Happy Home
  • Hodge Podge (Very Inspirational Home School Family Blog)
  • Intentional Parents
  • Door Post (Resources for Parenting, Character Training, Devotions and more)
  • Plugged In (Reviews of Movies, Music and more)


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