INTENTIONAL ……….. the word packed with such inspiration and (if I let it) condemnation!

You see, I want to be INTENTIONAL; though really I should say it like this……… In 2014 I STILL want to be INTENTIONAL!! To be really honest there are times in 2013 I was INTENTIONAL, and plenty of times I blew it big time!!

You know what, at this point it may be best to back up just a bit………..

You see back in 2013, GOD placed the word INTENTIONAL in my heart! HE said “Angie, you have areas in your life you need to let me change. I want to do a fantastic work in you, and through you. You see I want to love on others through your life! Get this, Angie, when I love on others through you, you will actually know my love more than you ever have before. Your words and deeds will be a reflection of who I am, of the love I have, and want to freely give. When I love on others through your words and deeds, you will find that my love will saturate your entire being, and you will see me, and you will really come to know me. To do this work through you, I am I calling you to be INTENTIONAL in all you say and do. I want you to INTENTIONALLY come to me, abide with me, listen to me, and obey me. When you come to me and abide I promise, you will have all you need to do what I am calling you to do!! When you are INTENTIONAL in all areas if your life your boys will see me, your husband will be reminded of me, your family and friends will be encouraged by me, and even strangers will catch a glimpse of me. I will love on all of these people through you, but it will take you being INTENTIONAL! You also must know that I will love on these people with or without you, but I want to love on them through you. Trust me, you being INTENTIONAL is as much for you as it is for those other people!! Let me also go ahead and say, I know you will not always be INTENTIONAL!  I KNOW you will blow it big time; you will sin, you will at times walk in your flesh instead of by my spirit. Even though I know all this about you, I still and will always love you!! When you come to me with a humble and sincere heart seeking my forgiveness, needing my strength, and mercy; I promise, you will have it all!! Trust me, know me, be confident that I want you to succeed in the plan I have for you!! Remember, Angie, when you are weak, I am strong! Rest in me, rest in my love, rest in my forgiveness, rest in my mercy and grace! After you have rested I will keep on doing my work in you, and you will be able to continue to walk INTENTIONALLY!!”

Yes, GOD did and continues to speak all that to me! You may think I sound crazy, but I am just being honest. My Heavenly FATHER has always spoken to me very bluntly, and I truly wouldn’t want it any other way!!

Here I am at the end of a January 2014, and I still want to be INTENTIONAL! All that GOD spoke to me above has been fulfilled, even the part where HE knows I will blow it big time! Thank GOD, HIS promise didn’t stop there. HE also promised HE would forgive me, and I would be able to continue to be INTENTIONAL because of what HE does in me! I am trusting in HIM, in HIS promises, and I believe 2014 will be my year of INTENTIONAL living!!

By the way I know that what GOD does in me, through me, and for me; HE will do the same in, through and for YOU as well!!!


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