Why I Home School: What I have learned (so far)!

I am a married 42 year old Christian home schooling mom, and this is what I have learned after 8 years of home schooling my two sons.


1. It DOESN’T look like what I had envisioned………and that is o.k.!

2. It may NEVER look like what I had envisioned……….and that is o.k.!

3. My boys may never “LOVE” school……….and that is o.k.!

3. Home schooling is a LONG journey not a week-end get away……….so do not be in a hurry to judge the fruit or lack of fruit while on your journey!

4. It is NOT about the right curriculum or method…………so spend less money and time on these things!

5. It is important to have SUPPORT from like-minded women also traveling this journey………. so seek out support on a regular basis.

6. What kind of CHARACTER your child has is so much more important than straight A’s or high test scores……..so daily spend time on good habit and character training. Value your relationship with your kids more than you value those grades and test scores. That doesn’t mean you neglect the academics; it just means you things in the proper perspective.

7. It is necessary to be INTENTIONAL in all things……..so be purposeful in your planning and in the carrying out of your plans! Be purposeful in your relationship your kids. Be purposeful in your relationship with the LORD!

8. It is ALL by HIS grace and through HIS power………so do NOT leave HIM out of your day! Spend more time with HIM than you do reading home schooling books and blogs, or going to conferences, etc.! These things are great, but they should never take away from time with our heavenly FATHER!

9. It is VITAL for YOU to ABIDE with HIM………so be intentional about making time for HIM! Let your kids see you abiding with HIM! Let them see and hear how vital abiding with HIM is to you.

10. Always REMEMBER that you are doing what GOD called you to do…….so just do it, and leave the results to HIM!

So what have you learned?

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