Weekly Wrap-Up: The Last Week of School

Here we are in enjoying our last week of this school year, out-of-state, only 10-15 mins from the beach, and all kinds of nature trails, preserves, and centers. This has been a fantastic last week of school! I think it is the end of an o.k., year of school. I say O.k., not because of my kids but because of me. We are a Charlotte Mason Inspired Home School but this year I unfortunately got lazy and started leaving out the beautiful extra’s that the Charlotte Mason method has in it, and I also fell into a more traditional methods for the core subjects. Yes, we did school, yes, my boys learned, yes, they improved in areas, yes, they still have room for improvement in some areas, yes, we took field trips, yes, we socialized, yes, we covered all the subjects by law we must, plus more, and yes, my boys had a full year. It jut wasn’t all I wanted it to be. So next year will be different, I will get back on track!! Yes, I will! Not just in school but with habit training to obtain GOOD life long habits, that will help them in every area of their life!!

So back to this weekly wrap-up. We covered core subjects, plus Science (Swimming Creatures of the 5th day), Natural History, Bible History, Current Events, Nature Study, Nature Walks, Astronomy, Literature, P.E., and Art!! We also had so much fun as a family; relaxing, swimming in the ocean, playing in the sand, observing animals, walking on the beach, pillow fights, card games, playing hide-n-seek in the dark, and enjoying the company of some extended family! Oh, yea, yesterday my sister-n-law took me to two Thrift stores and I purchased forty books, MOST being Charlotte Mason Inspired (Classic Literature, Living Books, Poetry, History, Science, Nature Books, etc) !!!  Forty books for a total of $25.00. One book alone looks completely brand new and would have cost me $15. brand new, plus it is a Geology book from a Creationist stand point!!!

Today was our last day of school, we visited an Environmental Learning Center after taking care of some of the core subjects (Math, Reading, etc) and it was FANTASTIC! My sister-n-law that we are visiting went with us, so that made it extra special for the boys. The center had beautiful boardwalk trails, that went through three different types of Ecosystems. They had different stations along the way, with a sign that had a number you could call and it would have a recording of information about the plants, trees, animals, water, etc. that you might see in that very area. They also had a WONDERFUL discovery center with all kinds of hands-on stations. A bonus was that both boys got in for FREE, you have to love that!! This evening we also played a card game I played as a kid, called Water Works. I found it at the thrift store for sixty-five cents. We ended the day with a game of hide-n-seek in the dark and me reading to the boys from one of the books they picked out at the thrift store. It has been a very blessed last week of school!

I am very excited about the upcoming school year, which actually starts in ten days!! Yes, you read this correctly, in ten days we start a new year. You see we school year around so we can take lots of breaks throughout the year. I know this plan isn’t for everyone but it works great for us!!

Well, I better “wrap-up” here, hope I’ll see you in two weeks with a Weekly Wrap-Up of the first week back to school!!

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