Evolution VS Creationism…….It’s all based on FAITH!

“Evolution is a hypothesis. Look up the word hypothesis. It means guess. It is a scientific synonym for ‘guess.’ If Darwin had called it a guess, it would not have lived a year; but guess is too small a word for a ‘scientist,’ so he blew into it and inflated it until it had four syllables in it, ‘hypothesis,’ and then because it was empty it would float on the surface of public opinion.” William Jennings Bryan



To me it takes more FAITH to believe that every living creature that has ever roamed the earth once came from “nothing”; then WOW all of a sudden that nothingness became a soup like substance; then at some random moment this soup substance spits out an actual living organism. That organism eventually became a sponge,  then eventually it became a fish, then eventually a reptile, then eventually a mammal, and then eventually a monkey, then eventually a human. Of course all this happened over billions of years. Yet since history has been recorded we have never had a case of one species changing to a completely different species. Just as I did not observe the creation of the heavens, earth and all its inhabitants neither has anyone that claims Evolution is a fact observed one species changing to a completely different species. They by faith believe in this nothingness, the evolution process and the test that supposedly prove their ideas. I by faith believe in GOD and HIS word that tells me HE did it all; how HE did it, and I think clearly tells us ‘about’ when HE did it. I believe we have three groups of Scientist; the ones that do not believe in GOD or HIS word, the ones that believe in GOD but try to make the Bible fit what they claim to be Science facts, and the last group are Scientist that believe in GOD and always go back to HIS word. They see if Science fits with GOD’s word. If it doesn’t they throw out the Science but not the Word of GOD. I’m going to go with the last group of Scientist. The point is all these scientist are looking at the same information, test, evidence, etc.. They just all come to the table with a different perspective. The perspective they bring to the table will determine what results they see.  Evolution vs Creationism or young earth vs old earth isn’t a salvation issue but if you can’t truly believe /trust what it says in the first two chapters of GOD’s of the very first book in GOD’s word, how cn you believe /trust the rest of it. I don’t mind people teaching evolution; I just wish they didn’t speak of it as ‘fact’. They say I have no proof of GOD (Though, I do …….. HIS spirit testifies to my spirit that HE is REAL); well they have no actual verifiable proof either. I guess both sides of this issue are living by FAITH. Though they look down on me because I acknowledge that I am living by Faith. I think I will stick with my FAITH which actually has a whole book that backs it up (and tons of other historically documents that back ‘it’ up). This faith also gives me a savior, eternal life, peace, joy, grace, mercy, strength, forgiveness while on this earth, and a GOD that loves me unconditionally!!


If I can’t believe that in Genesis where it states, “evening and morning were the 1st DAY” (or 2nd or 3rd DAY, etc), that it means a literal 24 hr DAY than how can I believe the word is speaking of a literal 24 hr DAY when it says it rained for 40 DAYS or that JESUS rose on the 3rd DAY? If GOD wasn’t clear about HIS account of HIS creation work; how can we trust HIS account of JESUS life, death, ressurection and salvation through HIS SON. This Young or Old Earth argument  may not seem to be a big deal but if you can cause someone to doubt GOD’s word from the very start of it; how can you expect them to believe the rest of it is literally true. I choose to believe that what GOD clearly said HE clearly means.
I encourage you to research these topics, DO NOT just except what they (National Geographic, History Channel, Museums, etc..) say about Evolution, especially if you are Christian. Stand on what the Bible says; not on what man says. Remember the bible is the only truly GOD-breathed word!!!
Great Resources to research Creationism/Young Earth:

Two WONDERFUL ministries to research:  Answeres in Genesis and Creation Ministries International

A Great place to start,plenty of articles to study : Creationism

Great articles/Video’s:

Age of the earth: 101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe (AWESOME article)

Defense “Biblical” Arguments

Evoluntionist Worst Nightmare DNA (Video)

Questions for Evolutionist Quote from this article” If the Genesis account does not mean what it plainly says, but must be “interpreted” to fit an evolutionary world, how are we to understand the rest of the Bible? How are we to know that the historical accounts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection should not also be “reinterpreted”? Indeed, can we know anything for sure if the Bible can be so flexible?”

Some questions for theistic evolutionists and “progressive creationists”

Relentless Dragon  Quote from this article

“Atheists are taking advantage of schools, TV, summer camps, the internet, video games etc and are pumping out books (for all ages) constantly in order to promote evolution (a key concept needed to bolster their secular world view). Christians cannot run long or hard enough to avoid the indoctrinating affect of evolutionary teaching and many Christians have already been bitten (the poison of doubt regarding God’s word is coursing through them). Most younger Christians are now backed into a corner where they can no longer avoid the fight regarding the creation/evolution debate. They will need to take a stand, and the outcome may largely result from how well equipped they are.”

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