Weekly Wrap-Up and Updated FUN FRIDAY list of ideas!

Welcome to a blast from my past …….. FUN FRIDAY’S.

HERE is my first ever FUN FRIDAY post, it was published 12/11/09.  WOW, two years ago, and my boys look so cute and so little. The idea behind FUN FRIDAY’S was to have a day that still held Education value but was set up completely different from the other school days. HERE is a link to all my old FUN FRIDAY post.

Here was the list from my first post:

Games (Chess, Memory, Board, Card, Electronic, Computer (ex. Know your States ), etc.)

‘Feed the Mind’ Links (from Holy Experience) (Many AWESOME educational (Mind, Spirit, etc) Links)

Baking (ABC’s of Baking with Kids)

Tea Time

Create Stories, Poems, etc

Science experiments  and more Experiment Ideas

Leap Frog Toys or DVD’s (Math & Reading Skills)

Service Projects

Nature Study (with Barb @ Handbook of Nature Study)

Nature Walk

Art Appreciation

THINK projects

Music Appreciation (Composer, Patriotic, Hymns)

Audio Books (while building with Lego’s/K’nex)


Visit a park

Nature, Science or History Documentary’s

Extra Read A Louds

Hands On Art Lessons

Take a Field Trip

Craft projects

Sketch of the Week (AKA Sketch Tuesday by Barb the Harmony Art Mom)

Handicraft/ Life Skills (Check out the weekly Handicraft/ Life skills ‘Challenge’)

Reading from magazines: Ex. Focus On the Family: Club House Jr, Club House, Natures Friend and Lego

Observe the Weather, Learn about the Weather and watch the Weather Channel

Nature Study, Art, Craft, etc Ideas (@ Hearts and Trees)

Cooking and Baking (Idea suggested by Hodgepodge Mom & I added the link)

Watch the News together (Talk about Current Events Local & World News, find places on the globe or a local map, Pray for people in the stories you hear, etc….)


Pick a Country; do map work, create art based of the cultures of the country, read about it, write a poem or story based on the people of the country, learn about the animals of that country, find out what the weather and time is in that country, etc.. (World Factbook @ Yahoo for Kids)

Art with Soft pastels (Many WONDERFUL Pastel Tutorials at HodgePodge)

Have a Picnic (in or outdoors depending on weather)

Find out what was going on during your child’s great or grandparents lifetime (This- Day- In- History)

Create a Family tree

Playdough, Moon sand, Clay, Carve Soap, Lincoln logs, and I already mentioned Lego (Lego building ideas and Lego Building Challenges) and K’nex above)

Free Lapbook Ideas from HomeSchool Share


Today our FUN FRIDAY consisted of most of our regular subjects; History, Geography, Natural History, Science but the boys (usually) love the books I use for these subjects. While I read to them; they were painting, making their dad a card, map work,  playing with Lego’s or putting a puzzle together. Today wasn’t to far removed from our normal day except I read a lot more to them, and they didn’t have to do all their individual work. I still including a wee bit of regular math and they both had to read on their own but no spelling, grammar, dictation work, etc. After I would read the boys would narrate back to me what I read so I could make sure they were listening. Next Friday my plan is to avoid any of our regular school work, but I just couldn’t do that this one. They both had a great day as far as attitude, they enjoyed that we started the day with painting and they always love being able to build with Lego’s while I read. So I do think it was a very good day.

Weekly Wrap-Up:

It was a good week overall, we had a four day week according to our schedule and that was very nice. I am pleased with the way things are going in our home school over all but I also know that I have to get better about some things. The Lord has really been stirring me to be even more diligent about this calling HE has given us to home school our boys. A friend off mine wrote a blog post that GOD used to step on my toes, and I think that is a good thing!!! I would really encourage you to take the time to read her post.

Schooling Well by littlesanctuary posted to Habits for a Happy Home

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  1. Tricia says:

    What a great list of resources!

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