Does the Celebration of JESUS have to end on CHRISTmas day?

No, I don’t think so! So here is my plan to keep the celebration going.
Just as a Christian is called to daily remove the old man, the flesh that we were before CHRIST came into our hearts and lives; we will begin to remove the typical Christmas decorations; the tree, the nutcrackers, the stuffed animals, and snowmen starting the day after Christmas on the 2nd day of what is called the 12 days of Christmas. We will spend the next 12 days completely FOCUSING on what we call the reason for this season. We will leave out what we use as symbols to remind us of our FATHER and the gift that HE lovingly gave when HE sent JESUS as a babe, that would grow to be our Savior. We leave out the angels, the nativity, the cross, the Jesse tree, and the Christmas books and music that are only about JESUS. To the Jesse tree that holds the ornaments that tells our history from Creation to the birth of CHRIST, we will add the 12 ornaments that speak of JESUS being our Living Water, Bread of life, the Lamb of GOD, and so much more. We will also add the ornaments that tell us what the secret spiritual meaning is to the words of the 12 days of Christmas song. During the 12 days of Christmas we will also (finally) participate in the Light Em Up project; where each day we will give a gift to JESUS as we give a physical gift of love and service to someone the LORD puts on our hearts. On the 12th day we will give the gift to JESUS of once again sponsoring a child for a year through Amazima. As we take the 12 days of Christmas to truly give gifts to JESUS; I pray that GOD will use us to be HIS light in the world as we do what HE has called us to do. My prayer is also that for the next 12 days and everyday after that we (my hubby, my boys and myself) will continue the celebration of JESUS by truly LOVING GOD with all our heart, mind, soul and strength!!
Celebrating JESUS doesn’t have to stop at the end of December 26, just keep choosing to FOCUS on GOD and your relationship with HIM through JESUS. If you do that than life will be one long celebration who and what JESUS is and what HE did!! Remember JESUS is the reason for the Christmas season but HE is also the reason for EVERY season!!

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