The ONE whose birth I celebrate at what we call Christmas, was born with a purpose!! HE was born as flesh, yet HE was also fully GOD. HE was born so that GOD could walk with us to reveal HIMSELF, as a FATHER, a friend, Savior and reveal HIS NEW Covenant in more detail. HE was born to live, teach, suffer, to die, that HE would be raised so that we might choose to fully live here and to live with GOD forever! At this time of year I not only celebrate that HE was born; I celebrate that HE lived, that HE died, that HE was raised and that HE will come again!! This ONE has many names but I have always known HIM as JESUS; my Savior, my GOD and my friend!! Of course this season is not the only time I celebrate HIM, but it is a time that is set aside so that the whole world of believers in unity might choose to focus, remember, celebrate, proclaim, share and glorify HIM, and that we might reveal HIM to all those that do not know HIM.

But what does it matter, so long as either way, whether in pretense [for personal ends] or in all honesty [for the furtherance of the Truth], Christ is being proclaimed? And in that I [now] rejoice, yes, and I shall rejoice [hereafter] also. Phil. 1:18    **See scripture in context HERE

 My post called Christmas is…..
Here is my post called I am so tired of hearing that, which is in reference to all the talk that Christmas is pagan.
Here is one post called Easter, Christmas and paganism
~~Picture above is from this year, my boy and I are enjoying our advent devotion.

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