I am so tired of hearing that………….

I am so tired of hearing  that celebrating the birth of Jesus on December 25 is practicing paganism, or celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on what we call Easter Sunday is also practicing paganism. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure that this accusation is being spoken from a heart that wants to do right by GOD. I appreciate the fact that someone is willing to give up family traditions, what is considered the norm, etc to do what they feel is right. If they have determined that it is wrong than they shouldn’t do it. Though just because they might have come to that conclusion doesn’t mean that it is the right decision for everyone else. Even if there is a remote association with some of the secular traditions, that doesn’t change the fact that the original reason for Christmas and Easter was to celebrate our LORD JESUS CHRIST, GOD’s Son, GOD made flesh.

Below is a list of things that were and are still done today by pagans. To everyone who says Christmas and Easter are pagan and therefore it is wrong to celebrate them; my question is, are you going to give up everything on this list?

1. Singing

2. Lighting Candles

3. Praying

4. Eating

5. Sleeping

6. Using Computers for fun or to promote beliefs, twitter, sending e-mails, and having a FB account

7. Kissing

8. Dancing

9. Get married

10. Become parents

11. Love Nature (God’s Creation)

12. Have Blessing rituals/traditions

13. Enjoy Poetry; Read, listen to and or write it.

14. Play Drums

15. Chant  (ex. Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves)

16. Gaze at the Moon

17. Go to school

18. Go to work

19. Pay Taxes

20. Eat at McDonald’s

21. Watch T.V.

22. Sew

23. Gaze at the night sky

24. Grow herbs, Learn about herbs and use herbs

25. Learn about  Nature (God’s Creation)

26. Go on a Nature walk

27. Take care of the earth

28. Buy books, read books, and write books (especially based on your beliefs)

*You can find these activities on just about any Pagan website*

There are so many things in the world today that if you look hard enough, you will be able to find an association of paganism or idolatry. This is the way I see it, just because someone does something with an object doesn’t make that object evil, and doesn’t make the act of using that same object pagan or just because a pagan does something, it doesn’t make that something evil or pagan. So who gets to decide what actually is and is not pagan? You know who? GOD, that is who. GOD knows the intent of the heart and GOD is the one to decide what is o.k. and what is not o.k., so it is for HIM to judge.

If you are little bit curious about this subject; I have written two post before in reference to Paganism, and the claim that Christmas and Easter are actually pagan: Easter, Christmas, and Paganism and Is paganism only in the eye of the beholder? So feel free to check them out.

I respect  the fact that GOD has given everyone free will and as I said at the start of this post if you believe Christmas and Easter are wrong, than please hold true to your convictions and don’t celebrate them but again don’t automatically assume you have the right answer for everyone else. Even if Christians disagree on this subject we should still be able to extend love and grace to one another, just as the FATHER daily shows each of us.

One last comment to think on; you can look at 100 different sources for information on any particular subject, some of the information will be the same, some will not, some will be true and some will not, how do you decide what source is reliable and what information is really true? Over any secular source, I will stick to trusting in and abiding in the SON and the FATHER and letting GOD speak to me through HIS HOLY SPIRIT and HIS entire WORD.

Great article from Answers in Genesis; Miscellaneous Misconceptions About Christmas

Pictures in this post are from last Christmas: 1. Our Advent Wreath 2. Nativity, Jessie Tree (it doesn’t have the ornaments on it yet) and Hanukkah candles 3.Christmas Tree (the boys decorated)

*Last year I decided to teach my kids about The Jewish Holiday called Hanukkah


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