Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)

1st day of school

# 1908- 1958

Lord (Adonai), I am Truly so thankful for all the gifts you freely give………….

A free book, free gift card to buy more books, new p.j.’s, time with my extended family, holding a friends baby, my home school group that has stepped up in amazing ways to allow you Adonai to love on this little girl and her family during a very difficult time, that my boys had a great time at the Back 2 School bash with our home school group, for the Praying mantis that a friend found and carried around showing kids at the B2SB; the different reactions from the kids and moms were fantastic to see, that I am not allergic to Yellow Jacket stings, that my boys and my friend and her kids didn’t get stung by the Yellow Jackets that came after me, for healing my youngest tounge so quickly after he bit it on the trampoline, a beautiful morning even though there is already complaining, Millie’s surgery over and they didn’t see that the cancer had spread, Millie’s bone’s are cancer free, Millie’s MRI came out clear, a good day of school…….not the best but still good, my youngest praying for me, , my boys begging for one of my recipes (a Mexican Dip), a complete healing for a close friend of a family member……… she is now healthy and with you Lord, another friend healed and home from the hospital, that people I love have complete peace in what you are doing in their lives,  healing for the boys ant bites…especially my youngest because they swelled pretty bad, a wonderful vacation in Florida, seeing plenty of dolphins and seeing them put on a great show, a bird going after an older boy who had been throwing shells at birds (it was so funny),  that I was able to take a picture that had five different kinds of shore birds, that I see you and you see me, pool time with friends, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17, Kisses from Katie, 147 Millions Orphans, Ugandan Necklaces (Great gift ideas), More Great Gift ideas that will feed orphans around the world, the Hebrew for Christians ministry, half cloudy….half clear night sky, dragonflies, learning about your swimming creatures, walking on the beach, watching my boys swimming on your ocean…..digging holes in your sand….trying to catch some of your little fish…..wearing goggles trying to spy some of your creatures….. playing with their dad in the water and on the sand, eating almost a full weeks full of meals on the porch of a house right on the ocean, spending time with my younger sister, spending time with my parents at the beach, High shoals Falls, Lilly Pad Pond, Coffee plus God and me time right in front of the ocean, a breeze on a very hot humid day, safety while traveling, mammograms came back normal, opportunity to serve you, 1st HS Enrichment day, a couple of cooler mornings, first day of school, ist vacation after school started, the first month of school, and for an opportunity for my boys to see me serving you by serving someone else.

Oh, Lord help me to truly see you and all your gifts!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wonderful, wonderful blessings!!

  2. Linda says:

    Love the picture of the children with their 1st day of school signs. I think I may do this for our first day.

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