Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)


# 18711907

Truly, Lord I am so thankful for all the gifts you freely give………….a local women’s Praise seminar, listening to teaching  by the Holy Spirit given through my mom; and two other sweet ladies, hearing an awesome testimony that gave glory to you, sitting beside my two of my sisters while listening to my mom bring the word God laid on her heart, hanging out with a friend and her kids, husbands phone call that woke me up; otherwise I would have over slept, Coffee…computer…on-line bible, because I know that no matter what you are worthy to be praised, humble parents,  my mother-n-law and her hubby because they kept my boys so that I could go to the women’s conference mentioned above, listening to two older teen girls glorify and praise You with song and instruments (Purely Acoustic), wonderful testimony this morning at church by a wonderful lady, holding a friend’s baby, a new day, my younger sister telling me she will pray for me, completed plans for the new school year; that I have all the materials I need for all subjects (except one), and inspired by you weekly schedules for new school year, for the king snake we got to see and marvel at, finding an awesome beetle for our nature collection ( A Hercules beetle), that we had the money to give to two wonderful ministries; Light of Messiah and Voice of Martyrs, Jesus words in John 10 and John 11 and for this past week ……

Oh, Lord help me to truly see you and all your gifts!!!


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