Weekly Wrap-Up: Only One More Week of School

Here is my latest weekly wrap-up !

Well, this was not a very exciting week but Thank the Lord for that, sometimes that is just what you need.  Here is this weeks addition to my gratitude list inspired by Ann Voskamp. We also had a relaxing father’s day around here. I have continued reading and blogging through the book of John; my latest two  post are John 8 and John 9. I have accomplished most of the planning I needed to do for an Enrichment Day I am hosting for the next school year. The day will consist of  Social Studies (map work, culture and missions awareness, and current events), Hands on Art, Artist and Composer/Music study, Hymn Study,  Poetry and P.E.. I am very excited about this; I think it will be a lot of fun to study and experience these subjects with friends.

I finished reading a very thought-provoking and interesting book: OUR LOST LEGACY….Christianity’s Hebrew Heritage by Dr. John D. Garr. This subject keeps coming up in my life and has been for the last couple of years. I really get the  feeling God is wanting to teach me something new or should I say old but new to me. I am just diligently studying the Word and trying to keep my spiritual ears open. I LOVE searching out God’s a Word and His ways.

I want to give a shout out to my friend, who is the author of Hodgepodge. If you are a parent, you home school, have preschooler’s, have more than one child, want to save money, like meal planning, great recipes, and you just like to be inspired than I encourage you to so over to Hodgepodge and check it out!!!

I put out this question to my local HS friends:

What book would you read, if you could only read one this summer to encourage and inspire you for the new school year? (Besides the Bible =)

Now, I am asking anyone who would happen to be reading this post the same question. I would LOVE to hear (read) your answer.

We only have one last week of school! Of course we only take a couple of weeks off and then we start back but it is always exciting finishing and starting new! How about you; are you finished, do you school year round, how much time do you take off for the summer and when will you start the new year?

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  1. Tricia says:

    Angie, you are chief encourager my friend! Thank you for the shout out! I’ll say again that you are one smart cookie seeking out continuing ed by reading all those good books. Great, regular sort of week you’ve had. I agree we all NEED those! I do want to know about that snake at top… Great photos!

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