Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)


# 1827-1870

Truly, Lord I am so thankful for all the gifts you freely give………….

For the beautiful sound of rain falling to the ground, for your water cycle; that from the very point of creation has given all of your creation the water it needs, taking a Zumba class with my mom, and younger sister, that I didn’t die or pass out from that first Zumba class, that my body is stiff and sore because I did choose to exercise, my oldest was approved to test for his purple belt in Taekwondo, new perspective, John 6 (which I am about to read again), time to search out your Word, for morning hugs, that it is very important for my oldest to get a morning hug, a wee bit cooler morning, a walk through the wet, bright green woods, watching my boys laugh and play together; even though I have said Thank You for this before, each time I experience their joy together; it is like the first time and I am thankful all over again, being able to tell my son he did good on a test that he was so nervous about taking, celebrating my oldest accomplishment, being able to make my boys happy by simply ordering pizza, renting a $1 movie from Redbox, and making them a milkshake, anticipation for the day’s activities; hiking and picnic with friends and my younger sister and all their kids, more rain, my youngest was approved to take his purple belt test, my youngest acknowledged that God helped him get his purple tape (which you must have to take the belt test), both boys passed their purple Taekwondo belt test, Amazon gift card, free shipping, celebrating my hubby and my dad on Father’s day, good report from a prayer request; a wee baby still inside the womb is healthy and doing well, that you dried my tears; took the weight off my chest that felt as if it was crushing me,

Oh, Lord help me to truly see you and all your gifts!!!


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  1. Tricia says:

    Wonderful list. Beautiful blessings!

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