Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)


#1756- 1826

Truly, Lord I am so thankful for all the gifts you freely give………….

The sound of a Barred Owl outside my house as I sit reading your words and meditating on you Father and your Son! For the Storm….so I can experience the calm that will come. The Moccasin trail, the black caterpillar, white moth, water snake, milkweed and that I can identify it now, for mouths that work…even if they at times speak complaints, shade, twinkling sunlight through the leaves, a breeze, sound of  Barred Owl in the middle of the afternoon, sitting the shade counting gifts and giving thanks,  the dark brown bright eyes of my youngest, the last evening on a camping trip, one more campfire, one more smore, one more perfectly roasted marshmallow, chasing, laughing and spraying silly string, coming home, future vacation, future trips to visit family, privilege of sharing about you at church and for what you gave me to share: I am, I ought, I can and I will; therefore I am FREE , Hearing “Mom, I love you” out in public, my dad taking care of our goats at the last-minute; so we can stay longer on our trip, friends that will do you a favor so you can go on a trip, camping with good people, German Potato salad, “I love You” from husband in the middle of the day, kind words, life lessons, refining fire in my boy’s life, fantastic meeting with friends; where you showed up and gave us all exactly what we needed at that moment, JOHN dvd,  Matthew dvd, healing for my husband, when I am weak you are oh, so strong, relaxing Sunday, the words of your son, opportunity to give blood, saving money by making home-made laundry detergent , reading letters to my oldest that I actually wrote to him when he was a wee toddler; his joy at hearing these letters, glimpsing lightning bugs at midnight, full moon peeking through the trees, people at my church that work so tirelessly to serve you and others, conversation in person with a friend about you and your ways

Oh, Lord help me to truly see you and all your gifts!!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    really enjoyed this post.

    especially when you wrote, “For the storm…so that I can experience the calm that will come.” amen. what a beautiful perspective

    and I love how you are thankful for things that are yet to be here…

    very encouraged by your post…

  2. Oh, I can hear the love you have for the Lord in his. The only thing I’m struggling with is the water snake! I’ll have to work on that one:)
    Loved reading this post!
    (visiting from Ann’s place)

  3. I meant *this*…love you have for the Lord in this.

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