Weekly Wrap-Up: When we are weak He is strong

I have returned to a past habit of posting a weekly wrap-up .

I have lived another week, releasing a few Silent Screams, couldn’t stop the fall of tears, enjoyed laughter, spoken about my Savior, given comfort, disciplined, felt hopeless, worked hard, relaxed as often as  could, I have ask (again)…..WHY?, transported the boys to VBS and back home, stayed up way to late and got up way to early, spent time with my younger sister while our boys swam, felt devastated, felt grace, received grace, lived grace, gave and graded a math test, reviewed spelling words with my oldest, listening to my youngest read (He sill has a long way to go but Thank the Lord it is coming!), finished the book Seabird with the boys, searching to really know the words of my Savior, planned meals, used my crock pot, went grocery shopping, took the boys to Taekwondo lessons, had a great conversation in person with a friend, cleaned house, started reading to my oldest letters I wrote to him when he was a wee toddler, have been amazingly blessed by reading old post at Holy Experience, twice this week my husband and I had a couple of hours alone, which happens very rarely, tonight my boys are joining a friend at another VBS for the weekend, I made my first batch of homemade laundry detergent, I pondered the Discipline of Living Christ Centered, I will host a Charlotte Mason meeting at my home tomorrow morning (I just love these meetings!), I have been working on some home school group business, messed up the school room (again) and got it all cleaned up (again), I actually took a nap on Thursday afternoon, e decided to go on a beach vacation again this year with my younger sister and her family like we used to do every year and Monday I gladly posted my most recent addition my Gratitude Journal.

“If you can’t gratefully work with what God’s given you today, how can He entrust you with much tomorrow?” ~~(I think Ann Voskamp)

Thank you Father for this past week and for the little bit that is left. I know you have been with me and I know you always will be!! Stir me to always “see” you and to be grateful each and every week no matter the circumstances!!

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  1. Felina says:

    You never cease to amaze me, I know it’s God in you but you show and share Him well. Thank you so much for being a reflection of the Father in so many of our lives. I love you Angie and am so grateful for your witness and influence. Be blessed and enjoy your weekend!

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