Walk with HIM: Living CHRIST Centered

Ann @ Holy Experience invites us to think on, The Discipline of Living Christ-Centric: What does it mean to live with Jesus in the center of our lives?

Discipline………It seems to me that I have never really had it in my life……………I don’t eat right (I’m tying to…. again), I don’t exercise (I’m going to try to start, again), I have not stayed consistent on meal planning, coupon shopping, a certain chore chart for the kids, a routine for ironing, laundry, house cleaning, starting school at a set time and I’m sure the list could go on and on. Yes, I am sorry to say I’m not very familiar with discipline. (Oh, Lord help me!!)

I’m not sure I can speak about the Discipline aspect of Living Christ-Centric, but I can speak of Christ as the center. Christ is to me as the Earth’s magnetic field is to the arrow on a compass.  No matter where I find myself in this life, Christ always pulls me towards Him.

Center is………..

 A point of origin, as of influence, ideas, or actions: a center of power;

 A person or thing that is the chief object of attention, interest, activity, or emotion.

Christ is……….

My point of origin, as of influence, ideas, and actions: He is my power

The one that I want to always be the chief object of my attention, interest, activity and emotion

I may lack discipline in my life but I don’t lack direction. I know where I will always go, towards HIM and I know I will always LIVE as in to LIVE is CHRIST because HE is my CENTER!!!

To hear from others that choose to WALK with HIM go to the Holy Experience . Every Wednesday there are NEW voices sharing !!


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  1. Kristin Smith says:

    Just reread your post and—-I hope this doesn’t offend you, but—-you remind me so much of me.

    My lack of self-discipline has got to be the biggest stumbling block to everything I want to accomplish in my home and school.

    Thanks for the reminder that I DO have a Compass!

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