Weekly Wrap-Up: It was full of………

I have returned to a past habit of posting a weekly wrap-up , though this wrap-up is a couple of days late.

This past week was full………….We had a fantastic church service last Sunday; including amazing testimonies, and another one today. We had quality time with my husband’s side of the family that we do not see as often as my side of the family. Thank the Lord it was also full of laughs, a little relaxing here and there, eating out to celebrate my MIL’s birthday, eating out again with family, church picnic, a niece’s housewarming party, some rushing around, Charlotte’s Web, a little swimming and plenty of good times. It also included the CRCT for my oldest; his first one but he survived. It was rougher on him than I thought it would be but at the same time I thought it went pretty good =). A very short practice CRCT for my youngest because I don’t want him to be as uncomfortable when it’s his turn to officially take it, as it was for his older brother.  A great movie (Thor)…………I know it sounds crazy but it really was great; it was clean, it had a good moral lesson, they really down played the “Thor, god of Thunder” thing (I would say more about that but I don’t want to give anything away) and the special effects were wonderful. Taekwondo lessons for the boys and the last day of Spring home school baseball for my youngest. I was also able to finalizie plans for next year and get them all typed out on a word doc. I have almost everything I need for next year, just have to make one last purchase; Math curriculum for my oldest. I spent time researching making your own laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaners, hand soap and more. I will start by making laundry detergent, and all-purpose cleaner. I am excited about saving money and that I will not be using harsh chemicals. I also enjoyed Visiting the past: Why I home school. I read an amazing blog post his week from Kate @ Amazima ministry and I was in AWE once again of her servant’s heart and love for the Lord. I also took some time to reflect: When is enough, enough?

It was a very GOOD week!! As always LORD I am so thankful to you!!!!

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