Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)



Lord, I am so thankful ……………

Exciting plans for the next school year, an evening out with a friend, the sound of a Whip-poor-will ,anticipation of a few days out-of-town with family and of an upcoming week-long camping trip, the exact WORD I needed, watching my oldest work hard alongside his daddy, watching my youngest hit home runs and slide into home base, being a mom, the sound of an owl late at night, sleep, when my boys wake up feeling better, Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries , Samaritans Purse , a walk with my oldest, throwing the ball with my youngest, hearing I love you from my hubby, watching a great horned owl watching me, seeing baby birds being fed, walking through silent woods, a new day with my three boys, horseback riding with my oldest, the laugh of my youngest as the goats from the petting zoo follow him around because he has food, my oldest smiling big and having one word for the hose ride……AWESOME!, all the people still alive after the storms in Alabama and Joplin, MO., the testimony from Tina, Ron and dad yesterday at church,  I am a part of a HOME SCHOOL GROUP with sweet, supportive, down to earth, Christian moms, that I know will pray for me, support me, encourage me and laugh with me, a friend GAVE me her Exploring Creation with Zoology 2- Swimming Creatures of the Fifth day by Jeanie Fulbright and my oldest is very excited about this book, time with family, camping, campfires, smores, hiking, bike riding, the smell of horses, kayaking, playing games with my boys, laughing with my boys, watching my boys run, swim, play and laugh, reading an incredible book (1000 gifts), listening to an awesome audio book series (Kingdom by Chuck Black), learning to identify a new flower, ‘seeing’ new critters that you created, my camera and getting some good pics, laughing with friends, witnessing a great water balloon battle, cooking and eating outside, camper w/AC, your voice, strength, power, mercy, love, protection, laughing, joy, your spirit urging me to pray, my boys being very well-behaved while we are out and about, good manners from my boys, good reports after multiple test on a precious baby, that my husband still has a job, that we have three meals a day, the Beth Moore, the young girl that spoke at the graduation the other night that was bold about her faith in you, seeing family that I haven’t seen in a good while, for arms that hold me tight, hands that will hold mine, lips that will speak “I love you” anytime of the day, open, honest and deep conversations with my boys, used book/curriculum sale, and so much more!


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