Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)



Lord, I am so thankful because……………

You know me, You love me (anyway), you forgive me, you heal me, you saved me, you protect me, you renew me, you stir me, you comfort me, you strengthen me, you correct me, you bring understanding, you bring peace,the truth of your word, for the good that is in me (all because of you), that you hear my silent pleas, you give me direction, the sweet smell of Honeysuckle, tasting the sweet liquid inside the Honeysuckle, watching my boys enjoy the smell and taste of Honeysuckle, goats on their hind legs reaching high to get a bite to eat, goats crowding around wanting to be petted, scratched and brushed, my boys and their cousin laughing together, taking a walk with my parents then sitting outside together and talking for a bit, the love of my husband, concern of a friend, yummy left-overs from a friend, a surprise Three Musketeer bar from my hubby,  a hug today from my mom, dad and my little sister (when I really needed it), lunch with my church family, another opportunity to give, smell of fresh cut grass, dry ice experiments that make a big bang at Boys club, for the last hugs I got from my grandparents before they died, looking at picture with my boys and reliving memories, visiting my Nannie’s sister and appreciating her for who she is, that I can also see my Nannie in her, and I can feel my Nannie’s hand when I hold her hand, for every foster child that we ever had in our home and lives, for a fun  creation club with mu friends and their kids, dragonflies, trees made for climbing, wild strawberries, wild onions, a field of flowers, kids running through a green field, friend loaning me a book and the book RADICAL by David Platt


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