Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)

Let us come before His presence with THANKSGIVING, Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms. Ps. 95:2

Thank you Father for …………


An awesome field trip, a wonderful relaxing over night trip, I am a Bible in 90 days graduate , amazing songs that I can sing to you Lord, such as; Glorious Days , that your son lived to love and died to save, surprise party, family and friends that will celebrate with me, funny gag gifts, laughing, sweet serious gifts, pictures from my childhood, indoor pools where my boys and their friends can swim, dinner with friends, lunch with my parents, seeing the joy of kids creating art, worshiping my Lord while standing next to my sweet Aunt, birthday wishes,a sweet husband, websites like Bible gateway and Blue Letter Bible,

a new bible reading plan (Reading through the Gospels) , for my boys making it through their Taekwondo routine at our home school groups talent show, my youngest got 3rd place for his Science fair project, that we completed our family project and the boys Science fair projects on time, opportunity to serve the Lord in a very small but practical way with some of my fellow believers (Spring cleaning our church on the inside and the outside=), a nap Sunday afternoon, plenty of food to eat each day, that we have a roof over our head and walls that surround us, medical insurance, over-time opportunities for my husband so we have more money to ‘give’, the testimony of Katie….a precious young woman after God’s own heart, that we have the money to sponsor a child , books inspired by the Holy Spirit that stirs us to know Jesus more, such as; Radical by David Platt, romantic classics and movies based on these classics, a gift of beautiful flowers , a captivating book I am reading to my boys, anticipation of listening to more of a wonderful story , memories of our time as foster parents, hearing my husband pray, and for 40 wonderful, amazing and very blessed years!!

(The amazing American Village Field Trip)


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