Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)

I am joining Ann @ Holy Experience today counting gifts from our amazing God!


Oh, Lord THANK YOU  for YOU. In my fear I will cling to you, in my “what if’s” I will cling to you, in my need I will cling to you, in my hope I will cling to you, in my hunger I will cling to you, every day of my life with everything I have I will choose to cling to YOU!

Reading books to my boys, changing lines or adding to a line and hearing them crack up.

Spending time with some friends (who were out, without their kids) that truly didn’t seem to mind that I had my boys with me.

Anticipating time spent with friends (mine and the boys) in the near future

Having family and friends that WILL pray for my family and I when a need arises

That today my boys are healthy enough to run around and almost drive me crazy

Reading from your word and having it jump out, grab me and shake me and make me new

Sunday, Feb. 13:
Thank you LORD for a peaceful morning before church, great worship and word, an afternoon of; a very wee little nap, coffee, a nice walk outside with the boys, the boys playing a little in a creek, a boat ride in our wee little lake, jumping on the trampoline with the boys sitting on the swing outside reading my bible with Charlie beside me (trying to) playing a guitar and while Alex still jumping on the trampoline, nice easy dinner and relaxing evening with daddy home!!!

A precious moment from the past that I am thankful for!!

Connecting with old friends

Great conversations

Complete healing for my youngest son (speaking in Faith)

Your love, peace, grace, mercy and strength that keeps me going when my flesh is scared and weak

Opportunities to see, experience and learn about parts of your Creation that I have never before in my life seen in person

Family and friends checking up on your sons when they are under the weather

Getting a new digital Camera (hopefully it will be delivered this week) and before an upcoming big trip that we are so excited about

A small close knit church family


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  1. sathyanand says:

    I have started a similar blog to document 1000 gratitudes in my life in the coming year 2016. https://1000gratitudes.wordpress.com/

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