Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)

I am joining Ann @ Holy Experience today counting gifts from our amazing God!


Oh Lord,

I am thankful when it’s hard so that I can remember the times it was not, I am thankful for the bad so I remember how good the good really is, I am thankful for ugliness so I will be in awe of the beauty that truly is all around, thank you for the sadness so that I know what true happiness means, thank you for chaos so I can really appreciate the times of peace and Lord thank you for what I do not yet know of you because it magnifies all that I have learned and experienced of you!

true connection with another person

nudge by you to wake up so I can get into your word

smile from my youngest

hug from my mom and dad

my oldest sitting close

blunt message from you through an amazing teacher

new books

laughing with my family

laughing with friends

laughing with my boys

cup of coffee with a friend

anticipation of a date with my hubby

learning about places I have yet to travel

school day with almost no complaining =)

being out of breath from chasing my boys and laughing at the same time

having more kids than normal in children’s church

my nephew playing the drums at church

that you are healing my youngest sister and bringing her peace

helping my children prepare for a Science Fair

learning with my boys about history and things like the miracle of the human body

seeing my oldest niece in love and that she seems to have found a good guy

opening my eyes to new things in you

seeing someone at church you haven’t seen in a while

that I am exactly where I should be in my Bible in 90 says reading schedule


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