B90 SOAP day(s) 16-18 devotion: RUN not walk

I was inspired to use SOAP by the same wonderful ministry that offers the Bible in 90 Days Challenge!!  

I haven’t missed a day of reading my bible since this challenge started but I had gotten a little bit behind in the reading schedule. Today I was able to get caught up (Thank you Lord)! My devotion today is based on what I have been reading the last couple of days from Joshua chapter one all the way through Judges chapter 15.

The recurring theme with God’s children is the way they would turn from the ONE TRUE and REAL GOD and worship other gods. To be honest many times as I would read this I was thinking good grief, you have got to be kidding me. Why in the world would they keep turning away from God after ALL that He has done for them and through them. God spoke to me and said “Angie I’ve seen the same thing in you. I have seen the same choices made through all the generations of my children.”  BAM! I have been corrected! 

For hundreds of years now God’s children may not build statues, alters, bow down and worship other gods but over and over God’s children take their focus from the ONE TRUE and REAL GOD. They put in His place all kinds of idols such as; SELF, spouse, kids, relationships, careers, money, shopping, hobbies, cars, entertainment, retirement, household, eating right, education for them or their children, social lives (along with blogging, facebook, etc) and even church related activities and ministries.

I can justify with the best of em how there is nothing wrong with these “things” and you know what for the most part I may be right. The problem is when we actually let these “things” become our idol.  What I mean by idol is something or many things that have taken the place that God should have in our lives.  

In Judges 8:22-28, it speaks of Gideon asking for the gold earrings from the plunder, it was given to him and he made an ephod and set it up in the city. It goes on to say that Israel played the harlot to it and it became a snare to Gideon and his house.

(Snareb (1) : something by which one is entangled, involved in difficulties, or impeded (2) : something deceptively attractive)

I don’t know how this object became a snare to God’s people but it did. What we as God’s children need to do is RUN not walk away from anything that might be a snare (Idol) already or has the potential to become a snare in our lives. If we are truly HIS, our heart should be after HIM and HIS ways. We should want to RUN not walk away from anything that doesn’t please HIM, that could possibly pull us from HIM or could cause someone else to become ensnared.

God is revealing snares and potential snares in my life. I am so thankful He is but sometimes it isn’t easy to acknowledge that we have allowed ourselves to become ensnared or to allow Him to untangle us. Though I know without a doubt He walks with me, He carefully and lovingly untangles me and He heals any wounds I may have received.

I encourage you to simply ask Him if there is anything that has taken your focus from HIM, if there is something(s) or maybe even someone who has become a snare (idol) and truly listen to what He says. Be willing to let Him untangle you and heal you so that you can continue to become that amazing person He has created you to be and so that you can live out that amazing plan He has always had destined just for you!!

RUN don’t walk to HIM!!!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hope you are enjoying your reading!!

    I am right on track and just finished 1 Samuel 28 last night!!

    My post about Week 3 can be found at: http://jessicaslilcorner.blogspot.com/2011/01/bible-in-ninety-days-week-3-joshua-1.html

    Comments for the post about it can be made at http://jessicaslilcorner.blogspot.com/2011/01/bible-in-ninety-days-week-3-joshua-1.html#comments

    Have a blessed week!! :0)

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