Weekly Wrap Up: Snow & Ice filled days

We have had a snow & Ice filled week and that is NOT normal where we live. By Saturday we will have completed 4 days of school which I think is pretty good considering the winter world was such a distraction BUT don’t worry we got to enjoy as much of it as we wanted!

(Denmark Flag made with Lego’s because Denmark is where Lego’s were created!)

The snow came in Sunday night around 9pm, the so the boys and I had to go outside for a wee bit and check it out. It was beautiful soft fluffy snow! In the middle of the night we started getting freezing rain so the next day we had ice and snow.

This week P.E. was walking in the snow and ice (which isn’t easy), sledding, more walking……ya know back up the hill after sledding down it, throwing snowballs, running towards or away from someone while throwing and dodging snowballs,  rolling down hills, throwing different size chucks of ice onto the ice-covered little lake and carrying firewood in the house.

We have read good books, worked on Lapbooks that out of the blue the boys wanted to do; my oldest is working on a Lego Lapbook and my youngest picked the Dead Sea as his subject. We have worked on Geography, Science, Math, Spanish, Reading, Nature Study (Outdoor Hour Nature Close to Home: Snow Nature Study) , Birdwatching and History (Awesome DVD). When we were outside we observed reflections, shadows, birds, thickness of ice and many other interesting things. There were games played, kids being tickled, snow flakes created, time in front of the warm fireplace. I’m sure I have forgotten something we did but as I look back it really isn’t in the details. It’s the over all feeling of family, love, peace, joy, frustration and forgiveness that has been present this week. I just loved the fact that we (including daddy) have had an excuse to stay home.






So how was your week?

Thank you to Kris for hosting the Weekly Wrap-Ups, it’s good to be back. Go check out what other families have been doing this week, who knows maybe you will be inspired!!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    Wow y’all have been busy soaking up the snow week!!! Great resources you’ve shared. Thanks. Love all your photos. I can see the fun! Especially love the one of you on the sled! And your lake is all frozen over. BURR. Smiling at your great week.

    1. Angie says:

      Tricia, It has been fun! If you want to borrow the DVD I mentioned you are more than welcome to, it was really good!

  2. Angela says:

    I stopped by from the Weekly Wrap-Up thread. It looks like your family is having a lot of fun in the snow.

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