Outdoor Hour Nature Close to Home: SNOW

We have had a snow & Ice filled week and that is NOT normal where we live. So this was the perfect time to do the Winter Wednesday  week 2 SNOW nature challenge!!

Shadows on Snow/ice

Tracks in Snow/ ice

Experiments and Art with Snow/ ice:

How much water do you have after a whole cup full of Snow melts, how long does it take to melt, how clean in the snow, what color melts the snow the fastest, what does snow look like up close and making snow flakes 

Ice Throwing contest with the snow/ ice

whose ice will slide farther, what works better, smaller or larger pieces


Resting and Staring at the snow/ice

Sliding on the Snow/ ice

Reflections on the Snow/ ice

Beauty of the Snow/ ice

It was a wonderful week of observations, learning and FUN in God’s amazing Winter Creation!! Thank you Barb @ Handbook of Nature Study Blog for all the wonderful ideas for winter nature study and fun in your Winter Wednesday’s e-book.

Winter Wednesday Button

See my wee little post on Birds in the winter: HERE

Check out more picture from our Snow and Ice Fun: HERE


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow! You have had some snow and it looks cold with ice on your pond!

    So glad you had the perfect laboratory for your winter nature study this week…thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with those smiling faces.

    Thanks for sharing your link with the OHC.

  2. Jessy says:

    I’m so glad that you guys got to share in the snow! We got 18 inches or so out of the same “system” here in Maine. Just another storm. 😉


  3. Phyllis says:

    You guys really get into your snow nature study….quite literally!

  4. Bethany says:

    I love these great pictures! The tongue with ice…priceless.

    Thanks for sharing.

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