B90 SOAP Devotion Day 8 & 9: Book of Leviticus


I was inspired to use SOAP by the same wonderful ministry that offers the Bible in 90 Days Challenge!!  

 This was really a tough read for me!! I got behind on day 8 and caught up and actually read the rest of this book on day 9. I don’t like saying this but it’s truth and God already knows it, I did not find this exciting or really very interesting, I kept thinking myself “Why is this important for us to know now or how will reading this help me now?” I believe the Holy Spirit kept reminding me just to keep TRUSTing! Have FAITH that God has HIS reasons for spelling all this out and all HIS reasons are good!!

There was a statement that was repeated over and over in Leviticus and it is:

“For I am the Lord your God”

Towards the end of the book God really spoke to me through that statement. That is really what it comes down to in our lives. HE is the Lord our God; so we should love HIM, we should Obey HIM, we should trust HIM, we should believe HIM and we should read all HIS word, even the parts that aren’t as exciting to us. We should do it all just because HE is who HE said HE is!!

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