Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)



(#1101)A nice long conversation with my hubby, A Rocking week, a very successful first week of the Bible in 90 days challenge, the touch of one my son’s hand on mine (both sons), a completely unexpected funny comment by one of my sons, time in the word with Lord by myself and time in the word with special people, a bad day to show me how good the day before was, servants of our church, fellow Bible in 90 days challenge participants that I know are praying for me, a week of hearing from the Lord, being toasty warm when it is freezing outside, that I can read and write (I’m serious), my boys playing with flashlights as if they are lightsavers at 9:40pm in the fresh falling snow,

my boys anticipation of waking up and being able to go play in the snow (where we live this doesn’t happen much at all),

singing beautiful songs to the Lord along with other believers (1115), a good family movie, my boys getting their own breakfast (Toast, Cereal, yogurt, fruit =), the taste and texture of fresh, clean snow, the sound of the house when I am the only one awake, that I have wonderful Christian parents I can talk to, ask to pray for me and completely depend on, my memories of riding horses, a trip with my hubby, our two horses to Cumberland Island back in 1998 or 99 and friends, waking up to a beautiful snowy landscape, anticipation of ‘snow’cream later, hearing my boys recite the WORD, leftovers from my mom that we can eat at lunch today, leftovers from dinner last night that we can eat tonight and that means no cooking today (1135)

Lord so many gifts; great ones and small ones but I am thankful for everyone!!


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