B90 SOAP Devotion Day 5:God Acknowledges Us!

I was inspired to use SOAP by the same wonderful ministry that offers the Bible in 90 Days Challenge!!  

Exodus 2:25 (NKJV)

And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God acknowledged them.

Isn’t that so exciting, so amazing, so awesome, even shocking and absolutely wonderful that ELOHIM, God our Creator ACKNOWLEDGED them. I mean seriously people, the fact that the one whom spoke and BAM everything came into existence ACKNOWLEDGES anyone is truly a miracle!! Our God doesn’t need us, HE doesn’t have to look upon us, listen to us, HE doesn’t need us and HE sure doesn’t have to ACKNOWLEDGE us BUT HE does!! Doesn’t that just ROCK YOUR WORLD?

Well, it should!! What this statement ” God acknowledged them” speaks to me is that GOD WANTS US, HE desires a relationship with us, HE desires to be involved in our life, HE loves us, truly cares for us, HE does want the best for us (which means HIS plan for us), HIS eyes are on US and by all this HE shows that HE ACKNOWLEDGES us!! How beautiful is that!!

Thank you Father that you ACKNOWLEDGE your people!! Lord, because you loved me first and because you also ACKNOWLEDGED me first, my desire is that I will always choose to do the same to you!!

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