The past three Tuesdays my sweet hubby stayed home with our boys so I could go to the bible study at our church. The study is called Grow or Die and it is being taught from the book listed below. The teacher is Scott Rickles a missionary to Latin America. I have known him for a good while and I love the way he teaches because he is passionate about the Lord and the ways of the Lord. I am just loving this book and these bible studies. I am choosing to Grow and NOT Die spiritually. The Lord is really doing something in me and I believe in all the people that are attending. I truly desire to bear fruit for the kingdom of my Lord. I encourage you to check this book out if you have a desire like I do!!!

The below quote comes from this website that offers this book free on-line.

Primary ISOB Course: “Grow or Die” This book has been life changing for thousands of people worldwide. Read just a few testimonies.
The Lord has provided a means for His provisions for our life. It not only provides all of our needs, love, security and significance, but it glorifies Him because it comes through the fruit bearing process which I call spiritual agriculture. “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples” (John 15:8). Tens of thousands of believers in Africa, Asia and other nations have been enriched by this thoughtful Bible course which emphasizes several important topics. Included are fruit bearing, intimacy with God, our identity with Christ, our walk with Him, and our standing against the devil in spiritual warfare. Also covered is the Baptism in The Holy Spirit. Lessons may be downloaded in Acrobat Reader format (pdf) or viewed online and printed.
This popular online book has been used by thousands around the world to deepen their relationship with the Lord. This will change you from a person waiting to go to Heaven, to a productive and fruitful believer. A discipleship course. Also available in French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Swahili.

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