One sick Weekly Wrap-Up

I am so happy to share with you that we were able to celebrate my youngest son’s adoption birthday. (Thank You LORD) ~~~Check out our adoption story Here ~~~

My youngest had a hard time last week with allergy problems and my oldest started last Friday with a fever and he has been under the weather since. So this is what my week has consisted of ; bowls strategically placed to catch………….stuff but no matter how many bowls you have out someone always just misses it. We have also had rags, towels, old cloth diapers (never used for diapers), hanker chiefs (whatever was available) placed everywhere for blowing things out, cleaning things off or up and cooling things down. Something very important has been warm comfy blankets for when you have a chill and just a sheet when you need to cool down a bit. The laundry seems never-ending this week from normal daily activity and the extra clean ups that have gone on all week. You see unfortunately my oldest must have an easy gag reflex because when he does a lot of coughing he ends up spitting or throwing……………well, you know what I mean and to top it all off the coughing and sinus problems cause nose bleeds. My poor boy is so sick and tired of being sick this week!!!

There has been no regular routine to school at all this week, we have done it a few minutes here and there or an hour here or there, we have done it in the living room on the couch or the floor, we’ve done it at the kitchen table, on the front porch and back in my son’s room with the cool air humidifier running. It hasn’t been am exciting week of school but we have gotten the basics done and hopefully today and tomorrow we will get in a Science experiment or two, nature and art projects since my oldest is feeling better though not 100% he said. We also missed the first Boys club of this new school year because of my oldest being sick =(

My youngest did get to go hit golf balls with his daddy yesterday and my oldest felt like getting outside for just a wee bit so daddy and I took turns throwing the baseball to them so they could try to hit it with the bat. Though I wouldn’t let my oldest do any running we all had a good time, it had been a good while since we had played together outside like that. That just didn’t seem like a fun thing to do together as hot as it has been this summer =)

Tuesday my sweet hubby stayed home with the boys so I could go to the bible study our church is having on Tuesday’s in the month of September. The study is called Grow or Die and it is being taught from the book listed below, by Scott Rickles a missionary to Latin America. I am loving this book and these bible studies. I am choosing to Grow and NOT Die spiritually. I truly desire to bear fruit for the kingdom of my Lord. I encourage you to check this book out if you have a desire like I do and if you don’t have that desire than I also encourage you to check out this book!!!!

The below quote comes from this website that offers this book free on-line.

Primary ISOB Course: “Grow or Die” This book has been life changing for thousands of people worldwide. Read just a few testimonies.
The Lord has provided a means for His provisions for our life. It not only provides all of our needs, love, security and significance, but it glorifies Him because it comes through the fruit bearing process which I call spiritual agriculture. “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples” (John 15:8). Tens of thousands of believers in Africa, Asia and other nations have been enriched by this thoughtful Bible course which emphasizes several important topics. Included are fruit bearing, intimacy with God, our identity with Christ, our walk with Him, and our standing against the devil in spiritual warfare. Also covered is the Baptism in The Holy Spirit. Lessons may be downloaded in Acrobat Reader format (pdf) or viewed online and printed.
This popular online book has been used by thousands around the world to deepen their relationship with the Lord. This will change you from a person waiting to go to Heaven, to a productive and fruitful believer. A discipleship course. Also available in French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Swahili.

Oh, yea my home school blog Live, Love, Learn was given a fun blog award, check it out Here. I also posted an article over at Habits for a Happy Home this past Wednesday, it is called Making Changes.


Well, that is my week, I hope yours was without sick children not because it makes the week harder but because I know it is so hard for moms to see their little or big ones not feeling well!!! You can also check out I’m sure much more interesting weekly wrap-ups over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers .
P.S. Unfortunately I am feeling like I’m coming down with something now, of well, that’s how it works in families. Tomorrow I might have the opportunity to hear/see Beth Moore (live simulcast) but if I don’t thank the Lord I have my yearly church’s ladies retreat  and we will be doing one of Beth Moore’s bible studies!! Woo-Hoo!!!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Cheryl says:

    I’m sorry to hear about all the sickness going on over there. It is good to be a homeschooler during sick times though because you can still squeeze in a little school work when the kids are feeling up to it and you don’t have so much catching up to do. We’ve had fevers in these parts for the last two weeks. I’m hoping it doesn’t continue through next week.
    Saying a little prayer for you.

  2. Melissa says:

    That books looks great – gonna go check it out!

    Our first two weeks of school were ‘sick weeks’ 😦 Hope you and yours are all happy and healthy this coming week!

  3. Elaine says:

    I hate to hear about the sickness at your house – that is never fun! So true about someone missing whatever you have out to catch (stuff). Why is that? Hopefully all will be well soon!

  4. Lori says:

    Hi! I am visiting from the weekly wrap up link. Happy adoption birthday to your son!! We have had some weeks like yours- it is amazing how much time can slip by while in the midst of bowls/buckets/towels and stuff!! It is sort of like a time warp! 🙂 I hope next week finds you all well.

  5. Tricia says:

    Looks like there were some bright spots amidst the tissues 🙂 Sure hope you aren’t coming down with it too and that you are getting some good rest! Happy Adoption birthday too!

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