My Live, Love, Learn blog received a Blog Award

I am very honored that Ellen from Bluestocking Belle thought my little blog was worth mentioning. (Do yourself a favor and check Ellen’s blog out!!) There are so many wonderful blogs out there that to have mine mentioned by anyone seems like a very BIG deal =) I have been blogging since February 2008 at my main blog The One Thing and this blog Live, Love, Learn I started for this school year so that I could have a central place with all my information, links, etc that I would need. I do post occasionally to it about Home school but most of my post are on my main blog I mentioned above. Well, let’s get back to this award! First off I would like to thank Ellen again for this award she made my day. The Versatile blog award comes with the duty of sharing 7 things about yourself and passing the award own to several deserving blogger’s. Well, here goes…………….. (Read more Here)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    Congratulations on your award! You are very much the Versatile blogger. However, in my book, you are Chief Encourager and Go To Resource Gal. ~ Tricia

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