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 I am very honored that Ellen from Bluestocking Belle thought my little blog was worth mentioning. (Do yourself a favor and check Ellen’s blog out!!) There are so many wonderful blogs out there that to have mine mentioned by anyone seems like a very BIG deal =) I have been blogging since February 2008 at my main blog The One Thing and this blog Live, Love, Learn I started for this school year so that I could have a central place with all my information, links, etc that I would need. I do post occasionally to it about Home school but most of my post are on my main blog I mentioned above. Well, let’s get back to this award! First off I would like to thank Ellen again for this award she made my day. The Versatile blog award comes with the duty of sharing 7 things about yourself and passing the award own to several deserving blogger’s. Well, here goes……………..

  1. I have fake red hair that covers up a lot of gray hair, I am 39 and I have been graying since I was 18.
  2. My husband and I adopted two wonderful, sweet, precious and wild boys~~read our adoption story here~~
  3. I pretty much only listen to Christian music but it is a variety such as; Hymns, Contemporary, Hip Hop, a little bit of Rap, etc (Love Toby Mac) I do listen to just a wee bit of Classical, Folk and patriotic songs, these styles go with our Charlotte Mason inspired school.
  4. I really do not watch t.v. but there is one t.v. show I make sure to watch, it is a kid’s show called Unnatural History . It is a cute, fun, interesting and clean show, my boys really enjoy it and we always watch it together. I’m a little embarrassed for admitting that………..NO not really =)
  5. I love to laugh and I love to make people life!!
  6. It is really easy for me to put work aside just so I can sit, have a cup of coffee, relax and read e-mails, FB, searching the internet, blog post or a good book.
  7. I love hanging with other ladies especially when you have something in common such as; Christian Faith, Home Schooling, God’s Creation, etc
  8. I am completely out of shape and NEED to start working out but I am so unmotivated I would rather spend time doing #6  =)
  9. I love camping…………….in a trailer so I can step inside to warm up or cool down, eat inside when the bugs are bad outside and sleep on a bed and not on the ground.
  10. I have been very happy to have chickens (2.5 yrs now) so we can have fresh eggs but to tell you the truth I am very tired of taking care of them and right now I would really like to get rid of them.
drum roll please……………and the winners are……………………
  1. Hodgepodge
  2. Little Sanctuary
  3.  Sonflower
  4. Frogs,Snails and Puppy dog Tails 
  5. Habits for a Happy Home 

The owners of these blogs are not only very special in their very own way but they are also my fellow sisters in Christ, Home School moms and friends!! You will find parenting and family post, Home School post, Weekly Wrap-Ups, Outdoor Hour Nature Close To Home post, encouraging post, faith stirring post, recipes and meal plan post and so much more . I truly do believe you will be blessed in so many ways if you take some times to check out their blogs!!!

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