Writers Block and Life Update

I have wanted to blog for over a week now but I am just feeling totally uninspired to go through the process of putting words on paper so to speak. I will just catch you up on a few things that are happening with us. We are on our summer break from school, we are planning a couple of camping trips, I’m ready for the new school year which starts on July 15, I created a Home School blog called Live, Love, Learn, We seen a couple of movies at the theater (Loved Karate Kid), We finished out our zoo membership by visiting one last time, We moved the boys in separate rooms (again), I moved our school room back down stairs (again), celebrated birthdays and graduation with people I love, I just started being more active in the children’s ministry at our church and generally we are just living life one day at a time.

I am really enjoying the devotion book ” Jesus Calling by Sarah Young” that I am using for bible study but I still haven’t felt the urge to share any of it here on my blog.  I have no more words to offer you at this time so I will just leave you with pictures from God’s amazing creation!

Be Blessed in Christ, Angie


God’s Creation is always AWE-Inspiring !!!