Misc. Subjects


Recitations (for Both of them)

Learn one suitable passage of 6 verses from chapters in Bible Lessons per term, One Psalm per term, One poem of child’s choice from poet studied per term:
Learn family rules >Habit /Character Training
Table Manners list >Habit/Character Training
Charlotte Mason’s Motto>Character Habit Training


Listen to an assortment of music styles and do Composer Studies

Physical Education

Running, skipping, galloping, throwing and catching a ball
aerobics, stretching exercises, Rising Bike, scooter, fast walking, golf and hiking.

Foreign Language (Spanish)

Easy Spanish (?)
Instant Immersion Computer Program
Try to find Spanish speaking person to work occasionally with them
Great Big Book of Art Activities
Discovering Great Artist
Possible Resources:
Drawing Power! Ultimate Dinosaurs Drawing Video by Michael Moodoo
Fantastic Dragons drawing bk
–Library has plenty How To Draw Books


Field Trips, Clubs, Socials, Extra’s, etc

Home School group Park day’s and Social events
Summer Adventure Club
Science Fair
Creation Club
Boy’s Club
Nature Hikes
Tellus Natural History Museum
Booth Western Museum

Misc. Field Trips that come up


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