Natural History

A whole year with Pagoo the Hermit Crab

Quote from article @ AIG
There are many varieties of crab, and most have protective shells. One type, however, has no shell of its own, but uses the discarded shells of other sea creatures. It is known as the hermit crab. This strange crustacean chooses its second-hand home carefully, picking a shell which is a good fit, and ‘moving house’ from time to time when the shell becomes too cramped. Amazingly, the hermit crab’s body is asymmetrically twisted so that it fits snugly into the shape of the shell.

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Wonders of Creation: Those Clever Little Hermit Crabs @ AIG

Besides reading Pagoo we will have lots of opportunities to learn about and experience the natural world that our Amazing Creator created for us.
More Resources:
Creation Walks
Creation Club
Creation (Nature) Journals ( “Nature Diaries.––As soon as he is able to keep it himself, a nature-diary is a source of delight to a child. Every day’s walk gives him something to enter: three squirrels in a larch tree, a jay flying across such a field, a caterpillar climbing up a nettle, a snail eating a cabbage leaf, a spider dropping suddenly to the ground, where he found ground ivy, how it was growing and what plants were growing with it, how bindweed or ivy manages to climb.~~CM Vol 1)

Handbook of Nature Study Book and; Blog Challenges
Nature in a Nutshell for Kids (Activities/Experiments to do independently)
Nature dvd’s
Nature Friend Mag
Field Guides 

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