Habits for a Happy Home: Parenting


IT is so HARD!!

Parenting that is………………..but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it and I am not so very thankful that the Lord allowed me to be one!

You know so many good things in life you have to work for. You see vegetables are good (for you) but they are so much better if they are from your own garden. Besides tasting better you also don’t have to worry about all the chemicals that were sprayed on them. I enjoy eating a piece of bread sometimes but it is like a slice of heaven when I make bread from scratch and I have a piece straight from the oven when it is nice and warm and oh so fresh. Also Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies are a great quick way to feed that craving for something sweet. Yet when I eat a delicious fresh  from scratch chocolate chip cookie that I made, I am not only feeding that sweet craving I am  crushing it with something extra yummy and that is even pretty good for you (Fresh ground wheat cookies with flax-seed)! Notice everything I described was better when it was something that I had to work for. (more…)