Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Has Hit Hard

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O.k., so here goes ………………………. It is HOT, HOT and Hotter here where we live!!

I don’t know about you but it seems like the whole world is on Summer break!!!!

We still had fourteen days to go as of the first of June. It is hard to explain to my kids or should I say for them to understand why that is! As of right now we only have six days to go and two weeks to get em done because I have planned to take the whole month of July off.  I am wondering though if a whole month off is too much. Last year we took two months off at that was way too much time.

Well, this week consisted of a doctors visit for my husband. A trip to the zoo with my mom, younger sister and her kids. Swimming at the same sisters house. Running errands and eating out (because we had a gift card).  Two days of school. Cutting grass. Getting caught up on laundry. We went on a great creation walk and completed an Ant Creation Study (Inspired by Barb at Handbook of Nature Study blog). Today we had our first Adventure Club meeting for the summer. I’ve been preparing to submit the next (June 22) Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival and if you have never checked it out go HERE to be able to read the current carnival. I also spent time reviewing my plan for the upcoming school year and therefore I had to spend time at the wonderful site called Charlotte Mason Help . Last but not least a lot and I mean a lot of Habit Training work was happening!!! In case you’ve been thinking about Habit Training you might be interested in reading some of my thoughts on it and you can see them at Habits for a Happy Home. I came across a book that just made sense to me and it gave me the motivation to do some things that I know I should have done from the start. See my thoughts on it at Today is for Reflection . I also took time Monday to reflect on what I am thankful for and added them to my 1000 gift gratitude list (Inspired by Holy Experience). I also pondered the question: When is HE not enough?, I wrote my thoughts down and you can read them at Walking with HIM.

I just want to give Praise to God for a good report on all the recent examinations, blood work and procedures I have had done recently. Since I found out this week that I am NOT allergic to wheat I will get busy making homemade wheat bread again and homemade wheat chocolate chip cookies after I go out next week and stock back up on supplies!! Can’t wait!!

Be Blessed in Christ,