Weekly Wrap-Up

We were out-of-town for the weekend and didn’t get home until Monday evening. We had a wonderful time with family just hanging out, relaxing, swimming (well, the boys did anyway), drinking coffee (well, I did) and eating good food (we all did =)!!

This past weekend we completed reading Paddle To the Sea and a short bio on the Wright brothers and we started a continent study.

Tuesday: A day for starting to establish new habits and for re-establishing some old. So see my post Life Never Stops Therefore Habit Training Shouldn’t Either!

We have 14 more school days until we have completed the 180 days required by law. I have spread our school year out over 11 months and it has worked out very well for us.

I started Tuesday by getting up @ 6:30am (The daily goal: 6-6:30am), having my own God & Me time, drank a cup of coffee, let the animals out of their coop/pen (Chickens & Goats), took the dog out, started laundry, moving the boys along in getting their breakfast and completing their morning duties, having our daily am bible reading and reviewing memory verses then we went for a walk/run around our little lake. We then fed the birds, fed and checked on the tadpoles, took shower, laundry, some straightening up, started cooking spaghetti for lunch. We decided that as much as possible we will have our big meal at lunch and a smaller meal at dinner. If we couldn’t do that than we would try to eat no later than 5:30-6pm. After lunch we just messed around doing a little this and a little that. My husband left for work and we started school about 1:30pm

Today in school we covered Math, Reading, Geography, Natural History, Poetry, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, American History, Art/crafts and Astronomy

I won’t bore you with the rest of our day…………………… of course you may already be bored =)

Wednesday: Crazy day due to my husbands working overtime again, the fact I had to make a big grocery shopping trip, that I did another “dinner” for our lunch and I had to get things together for a couple of events over the next couple of days. So once again we didn’t get to school until 1:30-2pm. We continued our state and continent study (Geography), Reading, Handwriting, Natural History, Literature, Poetry, Researching skills, American History and Language Arts Skills for my oldest

Thursday: No School

We ran errands, my husband did lots of yard work and I did some house work and made sure I was all set to “share” at my churches womans ministry meeting . It was on HOPE RESTORED. It is always very special to me when I get to talk about HIM, how awesome HE is and what amazing things HE has done. That I know HE is good, really good NO matter the circumstances we go through. That no matter how hurt, anxious,, scared or fearful we may feel at different times in our lives, if our HOPE is truly in HIM, we will never be Hopeless, no matter the circumstances we have to go through.

Ps 27:14 Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord.

Friday: Parkday

Saturday: Hanging out with family

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  1. Patricia says:

    Beautiful, always inspiring! Thank you for sharing, your family is precious!

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