Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community)


A Great Picture opportunity with a friend (above~~~that is not a real sofa it is just a picture on the wall and we were leaning against it with our legs bent a little bit)

Another wonderful week with my boys

Peaceful moments

That everyone in the house is healthy

Opportunity to see a real ( but small) meteorite up close

A great two days with friends

Opportunity to laugh with friends

Opportunity to laugh with family

Opportunity to teach at church Sunday (Relationship vs “just being” Related)

Lots of fresh eggs from our Chickens

A Broody Hen

Yummy Omelets made with fresh eggs

My husband’s job

A new Roast recipe (Thanks “G’)

A new spaghetti sauce recipe (Thanks “G’)

A yummy loaf of home-made wheat bread  

A wonderful (Christian based) Astronomy Study for my boys and I to enjoy together

Things my boys say that just blow me away

More wonderful Field trips~~~~digging for fossils, my youngest is in the back of this pic and his friends are in the front~~~

You are with me all the time

You never give up on me

You never leave me

Your correction, patience, forgiveness, mercy,

Unanswered prayers or should I say “thanks for saying NO sometimes!”

A DVD Math program (Math U See)

Car pooling with friends

Inspiration from friends

A sweet early morning moment (below~~~no he is not choking the dog 😉


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    Love it! That top photo is hilarious.

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