Spring Creation Challenges: Outdoor Hour Nature Close To Home


This post will include two Spring Challenges by Barb @ Handbook Nature Study Blog plus an update on our Dogwood tree that we are doing a 4 season tree study on.

Wednesday we took advantage of the BEAUTUFUL day and we enjoyed doing the  Spring Weather Creation Study, we also filled out the weather notebook page and took a very a nice morning creation walk. My oldest took the above picture as a representive of this Creation study. Our youngest took the next picture and you can see the sunshine in the very edge of the picture. I think with these two pics you can tell what kind of weather we were having !!

This egg casing (I’m thinking praying Mantis) is on a Red Maple tree and we are trying to remember to check it everyday in hopes that we will see the babies hatch.

The two above pictures are of focus of our 4 season tree study. It is a wonderful but small Dogwood that is right near our driveway. Just a week or so ago when we were doing a 4 season tree study, there were only wee little flower buds.

The boys filling out their Weather notebook page

Above are pics of their notebook pages for the Spring Weather and 4 season tree study nature challenge notebook pages that they put in their creation journal.

Friday we headed out for the Spring Bird Creation Study  ……a very nice Creation Walk and the boys did some bird stalking, we sketched in our nature journals (this included handwriting practice for my oldest), while outside on our walk and while we stayed out and did all our school we observed a male Cardinal, Great Blue Heron, Bluebirds, Dragon Fly, Water Striders, our Chickens, Bumble Bees, Praying Mantis egg case, Skink, a little spider crawling on our backyard umbrella pole, two wee little inch worms hanging from our huge backyard umbrella (I’m sure that is not the official name) and two huge snapping turtles in our lake (taking care of some spring business =). 

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  1. Wonderful studies for your tree and the weather. I just love the dogwood blossom…so pretty.

    The egg cases are fascinating. I have never seen anything like that before!

    Thanks so much for sharing your studies.

  2. Tricia says:

    Those egg cases are a real find! Wow. You, your boys and the outdoors are just the perfect combination. Great studies and photos too.

  3. alex says:

    my favourite photo is the egg casing on the tree, but all of them are beautiful. great nature study

  4. pebblekeeper says:

    What a find for the eggs! Thanks for sharing their great notebook pages!

  5. Jamie says:

    I don’t think the egg casing is praying mantis. We’ve had one year before last that I unknowingly destroyed, and when we ordered the “Insect Lore” praying mantis kit, I realized the case I’d destroyed (thinking it was a weird fungus on my bush) was really a mantis egg case.

    Now we have some weird thing on our lavender plants that I’m watching, hoping to identify it. It almost looks like foamy spit in several places, and it’s only on the lavender. Weird. I should go take a picture of it!

    1. Angie says:


      What you described might be from a Spittle Bug.?

  6. Beautiful pictures. I’d love to find out what those eggs are! That is incredible. You must post after hatching!

  7. Stephanie H. says:


    The item that you found on the tree is a wheel bug case. Mantis cases (and you’ve probably seen them around your house) can be found just about anywhere. If found on bushes, trees, or grass, they are usually on the hard side and often look like they were foamy at one time. (I think it might depend on the type of mantis, as to what kind of case it makes, but I’m not positive. I’ve seen two types of cases personally.) Some remind me of a trilobite fossil. When the mantis first lays the eggs, the case will be whitish, but it turns tan or even gray as it dries and hardens.



    Here are two wheel bug cases:



    Hope this helps! 🙂

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