Weekly Wrap-Up

Here is my Weekly Wrap-Up but don’t forget to go HERE and check out more Weekly Wrap-Ups from other Home School moms!

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Sunday evening we came home from a weekend field trip on J.Island and it was wonderful! Big beautiful oaks, spanish moss, shade, sand, rocks, huge old trees lying on the beach they call driftwood beach,  lots of Whelks, lots of sea critters, Sea oats, Dunes, wonderful Nature Center, an awesome rope swing, ocean, woods, raccoons and sooooooo much more!!

(Climbing old trees on Driftwood beach)

Monday: OFF day

Tuesday: For the past two years I have used an Old CM inspired math textbook, assorted workbooks, math games, video’s, etc for math but I have been thinking that something needed to change. So I started researching math curriculums and decided to go with Math U See. Today we had the first lesson and both my boys loved it. Hopefully they won’t change their mind anytime soon =) I also continued with my living books for Geography and Natural History, (The Fantastic Flying Journey & Paddle To the Sea) my boys love these books!! My oldest also wrote a letter to one of his pen pals, this has been the best thing for handwriting, grammar, spelling and just plain ol’ fun. Another lesson from A Child’s Geography by Ann Voskamp which is a wonderful book for geography, Science, Biblical History, Nature Study and outreach. My youngest also got in P.E. when he went to hit golf balls with his daddy.

(Clear Beautiful Blue Sky for our Spring Weather study)

Wednesday: Spring Weather Creation Study, filling out the weather notebook page, take a nice morning creation walk, Second lesson of Math U See, more pen pal letters, continuing living books mentioned above and more of what I call regular school.

(Blooms of a Dogwood tree which is the focus of our current 4 season tree study)

Thursday: Highlights of the day my oldest got to go hit golf balls with daddy today. We finished s great Abe Lincoln Biography. We also went on a very cool Field Trip to a Horse therapy Farm.

(Grooming one of the therapy Horses)


Spring Bird Creation Study, Creation Walk, sketched in our nature journals (this included handwriting practice for my oldest), while outside we observed a male Cardinal, Great Blue Heron, Bumble Bees, Praying Mantis egg case, Skink, little spider, two wee little inch worms (I’m sure that is not the official name), two huge snapping turtles in our lake (taking care of some spring business =). We also watered the little garden, had our bible reading, reviewed scripture memory verses, my oldest and I tag teamed reading about owls, they worked a little in they’re owl lap books, I read from Paddle to the Sea and we went over map work from the book, I gave my youngest a reading lesson (my oldest had his daily reading practice before we headed out on our Creation study), I read from Fantastic Flying Journey, they created and colored their on Spring Picture while they listened to our featured composer of the month Frank Schubert. We stopped for lunch and finished our day with math and spanish outside in the shade.

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  1. Oh wow! All kinds of awesome outdoor activities! Fun, fun, fun!

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