Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community…1000 gift list cont’d)

 holy experience


A beautiful Night Sky, Spring Weather, My wonderful, loving, hard-working, funny and smart husband, laughing so hard your gut hurts, family, time spent with family, a night spent with friends celebrating accomplishments, hearing my youngest sing (very loud=) in church, the long tight hugs from my oldest, making new friends, be shown mercy and forgiveness, new adventures, my husband’s job, good health, being healed when we do feel sick, being prayed for, the privilege of praying for others, good field trips, creation based nature video’s and book, Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, ‘Thank You’ gifts packed full of goodies, thoughtful friends, good Word at church today, a new day, a chocolate covered smile from my youngest, the deep thoughts of my oldest, that my boys are all boys, your voice Lord bringing correction, that the past is the past, that you have forgiven me of my past and set me free from those stupid mistakes I made, that we are not living through a drought this year, that my parents are still alive and live close to me, that most of my family lives close by and that we are also emotionally close to each other, thank you for loving me when I’m not lovable and just Thank You  for everything!!!!!


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  1. Mom says:

    And I am thankful for you and the woman you have become through God’s grace and mercy. Yes, the past is gone, wiped out by the blood of Jesus. Love you!

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