Weekly Wrap-Up


This is my very first weekly wrap-up post =)

This week the boys finished their Science projects on volcanoes for our home school groups Science Fair, we continued learning about Volcanoes, we (o.k. just me) got everything together to display on our family table, we took our weekly P.E. field trip to one of those indoor inflatable play areas, we covered some ‘regular’ school subjects, we went to Boys Club where the boys participated in a Wilderness Survival obstacle Course (On Wilderness First Aid, Building a Fire and Building a Shelter), they had a wonderful time at this final regular boys club meeting and we had a great Creation walk and creation study on Mammals today before we headed out for our Home School Expo, Science Fair and Talent Show.  After another week using the WorkBox system I still LOVE it!!

This is our family table where we display some of the boys work, projects, etc from this school year. Since we spread out our school for eleven months we still have a lot of school left (3.5 mo). I like doing it this way because we can take plenty of breaks, go on more field trips, take vacation when it’s best for us and there isn’t the stress to get it done with-in nine months. I brought books and resources that we have used or are using right now. I use the Charlotte Mason Method so books are a big part of our home school. I brought the boys Olympics study notebooks & tablecloth they decorated. Brochures or information from some of the field trips we’ve taken. Their school notebooks that we keep their school papers in (ex. Art, Math, Geography, History, etc).  I also brought a clay art project they recently completed, a rock garden they just created and their creation journals. I didn’t get a picture of the Boys Club Table but the boys had some of their projects on display on it. The projects were their survival  first aid kit, a beautiful box and a robot  my oldest (and his dad) created from wood, a plane and a bird house my youngest (and his dad) created with wood and the naval flags they created.

Here is my youngest Science display on Volcanoes (Click on pic to enlarge)

My youngest volcano erupting

Here is my oldest Science display on Volcanoes

My oldest volcano erupting

~~~~~~This was a great week and I am really looking forward to next week………….two field trips and creation club, YEA!!! Oh, Yea still loving our workboxes!!!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbie says:

    Love the volcanos! Great weekly wrap-up post!

  2. ChildBlessed says:

    My kids loved it when we studied volcanoes. The eruptions were always the best part! Today was my f1st weekly wrap-up post too.

  3. Christi says:

    Great week. I absolutely loved the volcanoes!! We tend to take longer to do our school work, so we can spend alot of time at the zoo and other fieldtrips.

  4. Ritsumei says:

    Those volcanoes look like so much fun! This sounds like a very productive week. =D

  5. Tricia says:

    Don’t you love the weekly wrap up? I LOVE the volcanoes. I missed the rock garden – will have to ask for a personal tour soon 🙂 Happy First Day of Spring!

  6. Joelle says:

    This looks really great. It is always nice when everybody gets involved.

  7. Ellen says:

    You guys put a lot of effort into your science project, and everything looks amazing! I’m impressed!

  8. Kris says:

    Thanks for joining in the Wrap-Up! Your volcanoes and the display turned out GREAT! I bet what your kids learned studying volcanoes hands-on this way is something they’ll never forget.

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