Nature Study NOT close to home

When leading a group of sightless students on a field trip, we paused underneath a large sycamore tree. One of the boys asked: ” What is this tree with the big leaves?”
“How do you know it has big leaves” I asked.
“Because of the sound the leaves make as the wind blows through them,” he said.
I thought how wonderful it would be if our senses were so attuned to the natural world that we would know:
The trees by their wind sound,
The wildflowers by their scent,
The birds by their calls,
The insects by their raspings and dronings.-—-John Borneman, Memories of J.B.

Nature Study NOT so close to home can be just the ticket sometimes: We went on a field trip to a beautiful place that invites you to come and feast on the natural world around us. It was a wonderful day with my sons and friends where we got to see many wonderful creations of our amazing creator.

Ducks, cocoons,chrysalis, Butterflies, Flowers, Trees, Dirt, Mud, Creeks, Trails, (letter boxes), Goldfish, Birds: backyard, birds of prey and exotic, Huge old tree stumps, Various insects and so much more


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    This is wonderful! Great pictures and I can tell you had an amazing time.

  2. Nana says:

    Wonderful pictures. This is such a wonderful time of life.. believe me it goes so fast…. fast when you look back and think “we did that when?” Enjoy every day and thank God for the time with the boys and all your family.! I love all of you. Nana

  3. amytuttle says:

    yay! looks like fun! I love the quote. We posted pictures from our recent nature study here:

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