Habits for a Happy Home: The habit of finding what works for you!

The “Workbox Systemworks for us!!

The Lord has really been speaking to me about my Habits and I am so thankful He is because I want to be the best I can be for the Lord, my husband and my boys. The workbox system is a tool that God has put in my path and it truly is a very much appreciated gift. This is helping  (pushing) me to be more focused, accountable, organized and more. This system is helping to take away the questions from my boys “How much more of school do we have?”, “What are we doing today?”. It has taken away the normal opportunities for distractions and it keeps us moving at a better pace. I’m very happy with what this system is doing for my boys and myself so I  just had to share how the workbox system looks in our home. This is a follow-up on two other post of mine on the subject of Habit Formation. One is Habit of Crying out to God and the other is What about our own Habits.

We school mostly in the dining room and the living room. The above picture is of our dining room. My husband was very supportive of using the workbox system in our home school. When I explained that I could really use some type of shelf dedicated to the boxes he actually pointed these shelves out from Walmart.com (only $25), They match our hutch that I was already using for school books, supplies, storage, etc plus I just love the fact that after I put their workboxes and everything related to the workbox system I still had room to spare for other school resources.   My oldest sons workboxes are on the bottom of the shelf to the left and my youngest boxes are on the right .

Here is what I call Schedule Strips where I put their box numbers and the Family activity, Breaks, Questions of the day, Center, Projects, etc cards. When they complete an activity/subject/box they remove the card from the strip and put it on their “Completed Work” Frame (See below).

1. My oldest  boxes 2. “Completed Work” frame, schedule strips, Check In and Out Envelopes and Bonus Box (that is full of activity cards) 3. Completed Work frame at the end of a school

1. My youngest  boxes 2. “Completed Work” frame, schedule strips, Check In and Out Envelopes and Bonus Box (that is full of activity cards) 3. The Completed Work frame at the end of a school day.

Here is a close up picture of my oldest eight workboxes. I have the numbers on the box with velcro. Instead of taking the boxes off the shelves, they just leave them on the shelf, take their work out, complete it, out stuff back in and take number off and place it inside their box. I hope I explained it all well enough =)


 We are now a very happy Charlotte Mason WorkBox System Home Schooling family!!

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  1. Karin says:


    Great post! Thank you for sharing the work of your hands and heart with me! You are very inspiring! May God bless you!

    Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her in the gates. Pro. 31:31

  2. Kristin says:

    Hi, Angie! I never did get back to you about our workbox system. Two of the problems I had have been elimnated in your version of the system. First, I got completely exhausted trying to fill 12 boxes per child every night! But what frustrated me more was the tight fit of the boxes. I couldn’t fit books and games in the small space, eliminating most of the activities I had planned to use! Your boxes have tons of room above them for tall things to stick out but mine have only two inches between the box and the shelf above. I wasn’t expecting this to be so hard since I bought the recommended shelves! Sorry to be so negative but there was one more problem that frustrated me: The scheduling. I could never get both boys schedule to line up since they work at a very different pace. So, if I wanted them to do something together somebody always ended up waiting around—and that’s what this system is supposed to eliminate! sigh… There were positives, though. The boys really loved it! We never started back after the holidays–I’m still trying to get motivated!

    1. Angie says:

      Hi Kerstin, Thank you for sharing how things went with your family. If I have something that doesn’t fit in a box, I will keep it close at hand and put a index in the box that has the name of book, game, art project, etc on it. If we are doing something together such as a History reading, I will put the box in one of their boxes and an index card with the name of the book in the other boys box. I schedule them so that they will go about the same pace. If I need them to stay on pace because we will have another box woth an activity together but one gets finished first, I will either let him skip the together activity box and just keep moving and I also gave them both bonus boxes with cards that describe other educational (for mind, spirit & body), fun activities and they can pick something from that box to do until everyone is ready to come back together. Or what might be good is do all the together activities first (you don’t even have to have boxes for these, you could just have them on the schedule strip or a daily check list) and then let them move to their individual boxes. I do think that with the CM education especially when families are doing many subjects together, that the kids do not need 12 boxes. I do not want to just fill boxes for the sake of filling them. Be blessed!

  3. Trisha says:

    We, too, have found the workbox system to be very helpful. I use it with both of my year 2 students, and my 4 and 2 year olds as well. It’s a great way for me to remember to do those things I often forget….like handicrafts! 🙂 I’m cautious like you, though to not just use it for busywork, and with the CM approach, we haven’t found the need to 12 boxes. I actually use cardboard magazine holders because that’s what I have space for.

    Thanks for your great handicraft posts! What a help they are to those of us who aren’t as creative.

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  5. AF Wife99 says:

    I really like your workbox set-up. It seems to be working very well for you. It really does keep things going. I have not been very diligent about using the system, this year has morphed into a relaxed, enjoy childhood more type year for us. But next year, my oldest will be 9, and I plan to be more focused.

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