Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community…1000 gift list cont’d)


 holy experience

A quote from Ann @ Holy Experience:

Wondering what this Gratitude Community is all about?

I humbly confess, it all began quite spontaneously and unintentionally… one of those things God grows up in the most unexpected places, in the most unexpected ways.

And so the story of how the community began and how gratitude changed my life.

Are you too thinking about making your life all about worship and counting 1000 gifts? I couldn’t be happier for you!

Giving thanks for a thousand graces has changed my life — to glorify Him in all things! How He’ll use you this for transformative ways in your life…



Here is this week’s list that I offer to you, with much love and gratitude for all that you’ve given!!!


a new skill and another opportunity for father n son time

two wonderful meetings with wonderful moms

the TRUTH brought forth in church

that I am a Friend of God

a beautiful sky and beautiful clouds

God’s Water Cycle

that we (my boys and I) are slowly learning the types of clouds

a beautiful place to rest and have a snack

room in the outdoors to move around

a big rock to sit on


animal gtracks in snow


a wonderful FREE e-book

the wisdom of Charlotte Mason

Living Books

Short lessons

Nature Study

a tree in the winter

the same kind of tree in the Spring

eyes that work so I can see the wonders of my Creator

planting seeds

patience at a task

signs of my  boys excitement

my son challenging himself

proof that he came out the winner in this challenge


blog carnivals

sitting with my mom, sisters, brother, sister n law and a couple nieces reliving wonderful family memories

the healing of my youngest

friends you  can really be yourself with

a new haircut

my boys still wanting to brush my hair

wild creative free playtime for my boys (Playing in a creek, in mud, in the woods, in paint…..with friends =)

a friend letting your boys borrow some of her boys clothes after they got theirs so messy while playing

that my husband sill has a job

a friend giving me pepperment tea that she made

laughing with family

laughing with friends

strength to keep going

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