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Today I want to highlight an activity that I think is  a blast but is still very educational for the ‘whole’ person not just the mind of a person. This activity is……………. Nature Study

I think a wonderful Friday for our kids would be a day hanging out in God’s amazing creation!! So I want to share with you some great nature resources and one of our past nature Adventures.

 Our “Outdoor Hour: Nature Close To Home Challenge- Mammals and Weather 

We started our study this week on my laptop enjoying the wonderful resources that the HNS Blog provides for each weeks nature challenges. The boys really enjoy the links to video’s of the different animals!! In the above picture we were watching a video about skunks. We went out for a walk this afternoon. It ended up being a day of observing animal poop and tracks. =) We know that this picture is evidence of our chickens rooting around but before we had chickens we had seen spots like this in the woods. We didn’t know what had done it, we figured it could be skunks, wild turkey’s and or many other creatures.  While we were hanging around a little creek we found lots of animal tracks along the edge of the water. The boys were exploring all around the creek and kept hollering things like “mom come look”, “more over here mom”, “wow, look at these mom”. I can’t be sure but I think they are either from a Raccoon or a Muskrat. We took a break on a big cropping of rocks, the boys ran around checking things out. They were using the magnifying glass on different things around the rocks. My oldest found some ants and they watched them for a little while. We took a few minutes to see the weather and they sketched a picture of what they observed. We then took just a few minutes talking about bats while we looked at a diagram of a bats body. After that we got started on our walk again. It was a very nice day for a walk. It was a wonderful time out in God’s creation with the boys!! Here is a second post with more about this nature challenge =) Don’t forget to check out the HNS Blog to see these Nature Study challenges and ALL the resources (Notebook pages, Video’s, etc.) that goes along with them!! (To see the entire post, plus all the pics and links to resources go HERE)

Below you will find some of my favorite Nature resources

  • My Nature Blog  (All About HIM) is full of resources and our nature experiences
  • All About Birds
  • Free Bird Coloring Book
  • Handbook of Nature Study Blog **awesome site**
  • Handbook of Nature Study Book
  • The Right Bird
  • What Bird is That?
  • PBS Nature
  • Nature Friend magazine
  • Answers in Genesis
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Main National Geographic Site
  • Image of a Nature Calendar
  • Article: The Art of Outdoor Observation
  • Nature Games and Activities
  • Moody Science DVD’s
  • Book: Keeping a Nature Journal
  • Words of Wisdom

    By Charlotte Mason……….

     Once the mother and children have arrived in a pleasant, breezy area, it is not the mother’s duty to entertain the children. No reading aloud or storytelling–in fact, there should be as little talking from her as possible, and what little there is should have a definite purpose. After all, who worries about entertaining children with story books during a puppet show, or at the circus?? And the great outdoors has lots more to offer than either of those. A wise mother, upon arriving at their spot, first sends the children off to run wild and play and make as much noise as they want. No difference needs to be made between big and little kids. In fact, the little ones tend to copy the older kids in lessons, playing, and picking up anyway. As for the baby, when he is put down, he will kick and crawl and grab at the grass, loving every minute of his freedom as he takes in nature in his own way.


    Adults should realize that the most valuable thing children can learn is what they discover themselves about the world they live in. Once they experience first-hand the wonder of nature, they will want to make nature observation a life-long habit. All people are supposed to be observers of nature and there’s no excuse for living in a world so full of amazing plants and animals and not be interested in them.

    To read the complete “Outdoor Life for Children” section from Vol 1 of Charlotte Mason’s Education Series go to these link and

    So make it a FUN FRIDAY for yourself and your kids and get outside!!


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      The tree picture is very pretty !

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